How to Write MLM Ad – Copywriting Tips

Your written word is essential to attracting Prospects.  Not only will it determine the success of your marketing efforts, it will also affect the quality or “readiness” of your potential prospects.  Learning how to write mlm ad copy and basic copywriting tips will dramatically increase your results.  Think about it – your first impression with most prospects is some written word, ad, email, solo ad, Ezine, Website, Capture page, Podcast… you get the idea!

There are vast amounts of excellent information about copywriting and ways to use the written word to promote your business, thoughts or opinions, or yourself, all with the intention of having the prospect or reader take some type of action.  This is not surprising considering effective writing is one of the most significant elements of on-line marketing. I suggest that you absorb tips on how to write mlm ad copy as much as you can.  And as you collect different pointers, try to use them in everything you do to market yourself. 

Before I share copywriting tips and common mistakes people make, here’s a trick I use to write an MLM ad.  I have learned to “review my list”.  My list of copywriting tips that is. Then after I draft an email or write an MLM ad, I refer to the list of pointers to confirm that I have met the key points.  It’s a great way to make sure I stay consistent.

Remember, you want your copy to sell.  Your written word should convince and persuade the reader to act. It’s all selling and the best way to get better at it, is to do it, a lot.  Regardless of a book of rules or your innate talent, to master the art of copywriting you have to practice.

Here are some tips to follow:

1. WRITE COPY that’s effective, which means considering what your customer or prospect is thinking.  To draw them in will require you to identify with them or their thoughts.

Headline is the most imperative, then sub-headline.  The headline should answer the reader’s question, why do I care, what’s in it for me, why are you bothering me…?

In the body make sure you cover “Credibility” and why YOU or your products are the choice they should make.

Guarantees are very important especially if you are marketing on the Internet.  If you cannot offer a guarantee for your product, service or advice then maybe you need to be finding “something” new to sell!  Long term success and low refund rates are based on under promoting and over providing to your customer!

2. PROMOTION is another great way to grab attention and persuade using results. 

Case studies relevant to what you are promoting are great.  If you don’t have any yet, borrow from your industry, upline, etc.

Offers should be clearly stated, be direct about what you want the reader, prospect to do.  It’s always best to include a deadline when the offer will no longer be available, beneficial or cost effective – if they don’t act now.

Storytelling is always a good selling strategy.  Stories are easier to read, more memorable, and convincing. Separate points, leave some white space on the page, and keep the text more interesting to the reader’s eye.
FOUR of the top ten points to ensure strong ad copy:

– Tell the whole story.  Make sure that you share enough information for readers to make a decision or at least to take the next indicated step you are asking of them.

– Leave open space.  Be sure to use the most valuable technique–leave white space on the page keeping the presentation easy to read and more appealing.

– Give direction.  Clearly state how the readers can easily take action. 

– Make it meaningful.  Remember that emotion sells more than any other factor. Therefore, make sure your written text is enjoyable and worthy of the reader’s time.

This is a good start and there are more effective tips I will share on How to Write MLM Ad Copy. There are also very good systems that can help you to publish your written word all over the Internet.  The best systems include complete training on numerous strategies including more copywriting tips to make you a more effective on-line marketer.

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