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Affiliate commissions can provide a safety net that keeps you from falling into financial despair while you build your successful Network Marketing business creating the financial freedom you dream of. Affiliate Commissions earned through a funnel system that is part of your lead generation efforts can ensure you avoid the 97% failure rate common in the Network Marketing Industry.  Follow the 3% that find a way to generate quality leads without going broke in the process and use an alternative approach to starting your own home-based business.  These commissions are key to properly funding and building your Network Marketing Opportunity and set you up to succeed even before you begin, while eliminating most of the pit-falls that cause people to fail or drop out early.  It all starts with good MLM Training that includes Network Marketing Training.

Let me offer some MLM Training tips and explain what I mean by the power of Affiliate Commissions, covering the main points, and how it can be the best start for any “amateur entrepreneur hopeful.”  After you learn more about the MLM Affiliate Commission Programs benefits, you will see why it’s essential to include them in your MLM Training that is offered to your organization.

Ok, how do affiliate programs work and what do they mean to my Network Marketing Business?   When set-up properly and incorporated into the right system, affiliate programs can basically Run on Auto-Pilot keeping you free to focus on your primary business opportunity.  The automated system can also remove peoples’ fears about engaging in “multiple opportunities.”

Residual Income is one of the biggest benefits of a well set-up and structured MLM Affiliate Commissions system offering you the revenue and stability needed to successfully start, build, and run a Network Marketing Business. This Working Capital that you need to run your business, has the potential to not only fund your entire lead generation operation and supply working capital for your primary business, but can even provide excess to create a better lifestyle.

Most affiliate programs are No Cost to Join, nor require any further investments.  Many programs have you simply fill out a form and even provide you with additional tools and training specific to their product or service – all at no charge.

Plus, in the process it will Brand You as an Expert.  People will come to you with their questions and concerns, “How do I get leads?”, or “How do I submit articles?”, they’ll want to know how to brand themselves on the Internet or even how to prospect and collect friends on Facebook. When you provide your prospects with the answers and can offer them a solution via a product, service, tool, or knowledge you are instantly seen as the expert.

Affiliate programs Encourage Downline Retention by providing the solution to most new affiliates’ downfall.  When you are focused on their success instead of just signing them up in your downline, you build trust, a relationship, and retention within your organization.  By promoting Affiliate Commission systems to your group you enable them to quickly get into profits while dramatically reducing your own attrition.

The proper system and set up will ensure that all your Affiliate Products are Relevant to your Business.  Continuity is important.  All the offered products and services should be relevant to the industry and provide support for the group you are marketing to.

Now you can see why affiliate commission programs, when used within a marketing or lead generation platform with basic MLM Training that includes Network Marketing Training, can be the solid value you bring to your organization and the key to providing the working capital needed to properly set up and maintain a very successful Network Marketing Business.

The best mlm training should always include a good strategy for lead generation.  The most productive and duplicatable strategies for lead generation incorporate internet marketing as their foundation.  Any successful Internet Marketing platform designed to generate leads without going broke in the process, needs to include a revenue producing Affiliate Commission funnel system and network marketing training to teach you every step of the way!

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