Not Listening? You’re not Leading…

It can be daunting trying to acquire all the skills on the “must do list” necessary to be a good leader.  The following long list of attributes that describe a leader in the Network Marketing Industry may not tell the true story.  The common expectation is that you provide a MLM Training platform, offer a well structured system to follow, instill the benefits of the product, clarify the you-benefits in the compensation plan, sell the security of the company and its management, make sure their goals are set and make them accountable, always be a good example and keep your team informed, involved and inspired; avoid nonproductive actions and always stay positive pulling from your up line and spreading it over your downline, put your people first but always instill the need to duplicate.  Wow a lot to do – where does one start?

As part of my own MLM Training, I found a great tip in a book on my “recommended reading list” by John David Mann.  His book, The Zen of MLM, is a great collection of Essays and Editorials that service the Network Marketer.  His article, “Stop, Look, Listen”, last appeared in the March 2003 (“Leadership”) issue of Networking Times.

His invaluable network marketing training tip was this — it’s best to start simple.  Real simple steps or “kindergarten type” lessons are usually the most effect.  Great leadership might require all the tasks and abilities listed above, but start your journey to success by establishing simple and consistent actions.

Pause, Watch, then Take Notice, and Listen

PAUSE your thoughts and remove all focus from yourself, your business, your personal life, or the agenda you are trying to present or sell.  Just pause.

WATCH your people and know what they are struggling with, what they are doing to try to solve it, and their overall mood and direction they’re heading.  And then. . .

TAKE NOTICE AND LISTEN to your people.  I know you’ve heard this before and it’s usually part of most MLM Training courses – but really taking notice and listening to your people is one of the best attributes you can have to ensure success.  The phrase “we have two ears and just one mouth – so do twice as much listening as you do talking” is where leadership is born.  The manner and sincerity in which you take notice and listen to your people will not only define you as a leader in their minds, but it also provides you with the critical information you need to know what they need from you most.  Just by listening, you can significantly improve their journey as well as receive the information you need to help you develop a winning game plan.

The adage that the Teacher can learn more from the Student is only true when the Teacher is willing to PAUSE, WATCH, TAKE NOTICE and LISTEN.  Now you can lead. 

Universal lessons like this simple key to leadership are essential to learn, practice, and teach in your own mlm training regimen.  I additionally use a system to manage all my marketing efforts that focuses first on education for my network marketing training.

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  2. Hi Cory,
    I have enjoyed your content, especially the videos. What program do you use to create your videos…they are awesome…not that I could ever do it!

    • Thank you Virginia for the kind words. The videos are made with Keynote (an Apple program like Microsoft PowerPoint) and then Screen Flow which is a general program that works with Apple products, very similar to the free screen capture programs like Jing.

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