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We hear people say, “ He’s just in it for The Money,” and then days later the same person they’re speaking of stands up on the company stage and promises, “It’s not about the Money.”  Now their first statement could have been motivated by jealousy or more commonly, envy.  The person making that judgment has their own view of what “money” means to them.  And if they don’t have much, they may speak poorly of others out of frustration.  Should this person they are speaking of be labeled a hypocrite or not?  In MLM Training you will find that it is important to know what “money” means to your associates so that you can help them achieve their monetary goal.

Money means different things to different people.  Sometimes people will resist desiring it (or the thing in their life it defines) because of old programming like “Money is the root of all evil,” “Money is bad,” or “Money doesn’t buy happiness.”  We need to open our minds and realize that people have different attitudes and definitions about money.   For some, “Money” may really represent financial freedom or the ability to send a child to private school others may define it as not having the stress of worrying about rent or increased mortgage payments.  Money can even represent old feelings we have about ourselves and can help us break an old recording playing in our head leftover from our parents, “you’ll never amount to much of anything.”  Truth is, we don’t know what “for the Money” means until we better understand the person and learn more as we guide them through their network marketing training.

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So understanding what “Money” means to someone is key for your MLM training and for you to help him or her reach a level of success or fulfillment that they might not even believed possible.  If you were to forget what “The Money” means to you and why it is important – sooner than later  your own business will come to a grinding halt.  This is also true for the people within your organization.  Your job as a sponsor is to help guide people to reach their dreams, therefore knowing what The Money means to each person you are working with is essential.  If only to help remind them at times why they are doing what they are doing.  That’s a great sponsor!

No matter what “The Money” means to the people you support, your best mlm training will teach you how to identify what that is and help support them on their path.  A good Sponsor is not only a strong shoulder but also a provider of knowledge.  Acquire valuable skills to share with a system to attract prospects and teach you those skill-sets as part of your own ongoing network marketing training.

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