Curiosity Killed the Discomfort


When you have an associate you’re trying to help with mlm training and you know they have good people skills and really love the product you’re representing, but s/he’s not experiencing much success; what’s the best thing to do?  If you ask, “How are things going?” or “Having any luck with the phone marketing campaign we all started?” You may hear, “That hasn’t worked for me.”  When someone says this, more times than not, they’re not making the calls.


The reason they’re not making the calls is because it feels awkward and uncomfortable.  A lack of confidence may be rooted from rejection they’ve experienced in the past or a feeling that they don’t “know all the answers”.  Bottom line is that fear is keeping them from picking up the phone.  How does network marketing training address this?

There are many reasons why we feel uncomfortable making phone calls, but generally feeling uncomfortable comes when one is thinking about himself.

Your fear is centered on not having the answers and getting cold responses like, “Gosh, that sounds expensive,” or “I’ve tried something like that before and it didn’t work.”  You feel like no amount of enthusiasm you spew, data or facts you list, or even testimonials you present will convince them.

One main reason is all these approaches are coming from the “me” point of view via telling the prospect what you feel or think, what you have experienced, or what you have observed.  The way to turn this around, and take all the discomfort out of the conversation – is curiosity.  Everyone is innately curious.  It’s part of our DNA and we all have it.  That’s why a crazy headline on the grocery store tabloid sells more copies.  We are curious.

So the key is to let go of all your fearful, self-doubting thoughts prior to dialing and renew your own curiosity.  Think of questions to ask.  Who is this person?  What is their situation? What problems are they possibly concerned with?  What ideas to they have to solve their problems?  All of this sets you up to be in the “Curious Mode” which allows for a much more pleasing and productive conversation.

I have a great mlm training standby tip that I always share with my associates — don’t hang up the call until you know at least one more personal fact about the individual – even if you’ve talked to them before.  I know that it’s important to build relationships and not to let my enthusiasm and agenda overpower the conversation. By having this rule, not only do I find that I am a better listener, but I also have something to jot down in their profile.  Then, next time I call, I make an appropriate nod to that tidbit of information (So how was your son’s birthday party?) and they know I remember them and immediately were BOTH right at ease.  This is a fundamental truth I share in network marketing training.

When you ask questions the other person feels valued and knows you’re genuinely interested in them. Keep your knowledge and information in the background and let your curiosity lead the conversation.  You will find this simple mlm training approach will kill the discomfort of making calls.  I use a system to manage all my marketing efforts and it also includes ongoing education for my network marketing training.

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