Not Listening? You’re not Leading…

It can be daunting trying to acquire all the skills on the “must do list” necessary to be a good leader.  The following long list of attributes that describe a leader in the Network Marketing Industry may not tell the true story.  The common expectation is that you provide a MLM Training platform, offer a well structured system to follow, instill the benefits of the product, clarify the you-benefits in the compensation plan, sell the security of the company and its management, make sure their goals are set and make them accountable, always be a good example and keep your team informed, involved and inspired; avoid nonproductive actions and always stay positive pulling from your up line and spreading it over your downline, put your people first but always instill the need to duplicate.  Wow a lot to do – where does one start?

As part of my own MLM Training, I found a great tip in a book on my “recommended reading list” by John David Mann.  His book, The Zen of MLM, is a great collection of Essays and Editorials that service the Network Marketer.  His article, “Stop, Look, Listen”, last appeared in the March 2003 (“Leadership”) issue of Networking Times.

His invaluable network marketing training tip was this — it’s best to start simple.  Real simple steps or “kindergarten type” lessons are usually the most effect.  Great leadership might require all the tasks and abilities listed above, but start your journey to success by establishing simple and consistent actions.

Pause, Watch, then Take Notice, and Listen

PAUSE your thoughts and remove all focus from yourself, your business, your personal life, or the agenda you are trying to present or sell.  Just pause.

WATCH your people and know what they are struggling with, what they are doing to try to solve it, and their overall mood and direction they’re heading.  And then. . .

TAKE NOTICE AND LISTEN to your people.  I know you’ve heard this before and it’s usually part of most MLM Training courses – but really taking notice and listening to your people is one of the best attributes you can have to ensure success.  The phrase “we have two ears and just one mouth – so do twice as much listening as you do talking” is where leadership is born.  The manner and sincerity in which you take notice and listen to your people will not only define you as a leader in their minds, but it also provides you with the critical information you need to know what they need from you most.  Just by listening, you can significantly improve their journey as well as receive the information you need to help you develop a winning game plan.

The adage that the Teacher can learn more from the Student is only true when the Teacher is willing to PAUSE, WATCH, TAKE NOTICE and LISTEN.  Now you can lead. 

Universal lessons like this simple key to leadership are essential to learn, practice, and teach in your own mlm training regimen.  I additionally use a system to manage all my marketing efforts that focuses first on education for my network marketing training.

Power of Affiliate Commissions – MLM Success

Affiliate commissions can provide a safety net that keeps you from falling into financial despair while you build your successful Network Marketing business creating the financial freedom you dream of. Affiliate Commissions earned through a funnel system that is part of your lead generation efforts can ensure you avoid the 97% failure rate common in the Network Marketing Industry.  Follow the 3% that find a way to generate quality leads without going broke in the process and use an alternative approach to starting your own home-based business.  These commissions are key to properly funding and building your Network Marketing Opportunity and set you up to succeed even before you begin, while eliminating most of the pit-falls that cause people to fail or drop out early.  It all starts with good MLM Training that includes Network Marketing Training.

Let me offer some MLM Training tips and explain what I mean by the power of Affiliate Commissions, covering the main points, and how it can be the best start for any “amateur entrepreneur hopeful.”  After you learn more about the MLM Affiliate Commission Programs benefits, you will see why it’s essential to include them in your MLM Training that is offered to your organization.

Ok, how do affiliate programs work and what do they mean to my Network Marketing Business?   When set-up properly and incorporated into the right system, affiliate programs can basically Run on Auto-Pilot keeping you free to focus on your primary business opportunity.  The automated system can also remove peoples’ fears about engaging in “multiple opportunities.”

Residual Income is one of the biggest benefits of a well set-up and structured MLM Affiliate Commissions system offering you the revenue and stability needed to successfully start, build, and run a Network Marketing Business. This Working Capital that you need to run your business, has the potential to not only fund your entire lead generation operation and supply working capital for your primary business, but can even provide excess to create a better lifestyle.

Most affiliate programs are No Cost to Join, nor require any further investments.  Many programs have you simply fill out a form and even provide you with additional tools and training specific to their product or service – all at no charge.

Plus, in the process it will Brand You as an Expert.  People will come to you with their questions and concerns, “How do I get leads?”, or “How do I submit articles?”, they’ll want to know how to brand themselves on the Internet or even how to prospect and collect friends on Facebook. When you provide your prospects with the answers and can offer them a solution via a product, service, tool, or knowledge you are instantly seen as the expert.

Affiliate programs Encourage Downline Retention by providing the solution to most new affiliates’ downfall.  When you are focused on their success instead of just signing them up in your downline, you build trust, a relationship, and retention within your organization.  By promoting Affiliate Commission systems to your group you enable them to quickly get into profits while dramatically reducing your own attrition.

The proper system and set up will ensure that all your Affiliate Products are Relevant to your Business.  Continuity is important.  All the offered products and services should be relevant to the industry and provide support for the group you are marketing to.

Now you can see why affiliate commission programs, when used within a marketing or lead generation platform with basic MLM Training that includes Network Marketing Training, can be the solid value you bring to your organization and the key to providing the working capital needed to properly set up and maintain a very successful Network Marketing Business.

The best mlm training should always include a good strategy for lead generation.  The most productive and duplicatable strategies for lead generation incorporate internet marketing as their foundation.  Any successful Internet Marketing platform designed to generate leads without going broke in the process, needs to include a revenue producing Affiliate Commission funnel system and network marketing training to teach you every step of the way!

Don’t Set Sail to Fail – MLM Navigation

Network Marketers know that as many as 97% of the people that join an MLM Company quickly fail or simply just quit.  Don’t let this happen to you.  Get the proper MLM Training first and set your course for success.  It only makes sense to find out what the other 3% are doing and use their map.  Knowing what NOT to do, is just as important as knowing what to do.

When you find good MLM Training and step back from the hype of a new found “miracle product” or the “rags to riches” story being told at an opportunity meeting, you can quickly see why most newbies often and unknowingly enter dangerous waters from the very start. Understanding what NOT to do can insure smooth sailing to success.

To better illustrate the 97% failure phenomenon, let’s look at what is commonly found in that scenario. 

Most people that are seeking a Home-Based Business or considering Network Marketing for the first time are usually in financial pain or trying to out run a money crisis.  Short on cash, growing credit card debt, fear of losing their job or even worrying about whether they can ever afford to retire are all real scenarios that motivate people to start a home-based business and lead them to discover MLM or Network Marketing.

Unfortunately, the need can be blinding and people jump in too fast.  The initial allure of the “work from home”, “make extra cash”, or “no prior experience needed,” seems to justify setting aside their fear and any red flags.  So they end up with a Starter Pack that includes product samples and maybe even a cookie-cutter marketing system offering limited MLM Training.

Quickly they find themselves with $500 less in the bank, an obligation to purchase a minimum auto-ship of $128.42 per month including tax and shipping, as well as a subscription to a marketing website at a cost of $19.95 per month.

The sad thing is, this is just the surface of the new obligations this new “entrepreneur-hopeful” has just taken on.  We are all amateurs when we first start and often so focused on our goals, dreams, and aspirations that we overlook basic business principles. Network Marketing is a business and like any other business it takes effort and an investment of time, money, and tools to run.

So let’s go back to our Newbie.  Now in business, he’s one of the most determined, upbeat and motivated new affiliates his up line has sponsored in a while.  He’s busy attending weekly training calls, exploring the company website and compensation plan, product features and ways to utilize all of the tools and systems included in his “marketing package” – all awhile telling every sole he knows all about this incredible opportunity he has for them.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t yet know or fully understand the main obstacles he will soon face. . .

1. Lack of quality prospects or leads.

2. Lack of “how to” network marketing training for himself, product and business.

3. Lack of duplication.  MLM is all about marketing and educating others – without these skills you are not able to duplicate yourself.

4. Lack of Capital.  Not realizing what is required to successfully start and run a Network Marketing Business.

Let me focus on the fourth point, as it is the biggest culprit in causing the 97% failure rate we spoke of before. 

Our newbie has jumped into the business and scraped up the initial $200 to $500 required to join.  We know that he got involved because he was short of cash and needing to make some extra income immediately. Unfortunately, he’s just at the start of a long process to get his business up and running not to mention the monthly financial obligation that is required to run and maintain his new business.  These costs can include:

Autoships are required purchases.  Mandatory autoships can range from $40 to $500 a month with the average being around $100, plus tax and shipping.

Gas is needed to get out and promote the business by attending meetings, joining local mixers and doing all that is suggested from his upline.  Gas is not cheap, now he’s spending $75-$150 monthly on fuel.

Weekly Events must be attended to be a good Networker.  He will be expected to attend all the company sponsored events, training workshops, and hotel opportunity meetings.  There is parking, meals, and even fees to help cover the cost of the meeting facility for affiliates that can cost $25 to $50 a month.

Travel may not be every month, but there are training courses and company regional and national conventions he will want to attend that require travel, hotels, rental cars, and meals. These costs can easily average out to $150-$400 a month.

Supplies are another cost required for promoting the product and business using business cards, flyers, post-card mailers and the like.

Inventory of product samples, brochures, and even CDs or DVDs as handouts is smart to keep on hand, but adds to the monthly financial obligations.

Leads are still needed to make all of this work and there’s only so much family and friends that our newbie can enlist. A reasonable lead source can easily cost $100-$200 a month to purchase.

So, now when we take a look at what is really happening, our newbie’s goal to create a new stream of income has resulted in a new bill every month!  He took a leap of faith and jumped in to what he thought was solving his financial dilemma when in fact he’s added another $600-$1,200 a month to his problem.  Soon he’s dipping into savings to cover business expenses and commissions are eaten up by monthly obligations which fuels his desperate need for immediate cash so he begins to cut corners and takes his eye off the important business principles that ignite a vicious cycle.  This is the common mistake of most beginners. 

The average Network Marketer QUITS within 63 days.  You can see why!

So now you have to ask the question, “How do I avoid making the same mistake?”

I’ll tell you.  Implementing good MLM Training and doing what the successful 3% of network marketers do can avoid this nightmare.

First, focus on lead generation or collecting prospects by attracting leads that may or may not ever join your opportunity, but who need MLM Training to learn the truth about Network Marketing and how they can generate their own leads.  

Then, funnel them through a support Affiliate funnel system that offers the education, tools, and systems they will need to run their own business.  By directing them to your affiliate funnel system this will monetize your lead base and generate cash for you while you are prospecting. 

The commissions you collect from your funnel system are used to further increase your marketing efforts and when you reach the point of break-even (where you are getting as many new leads as you could possibly use – all at no expense to you) or even start having extra cash at the end of the month – you are now ready to invest in your own home-based Network Marketing Business. 

The money you earn while generating leads now funds all your operating expenses, i.e. gas, auto-shipments, inventory, supplies, travel, etc.  This also places you in a no-pressure situation to conduct your Network Marketing opportunity with others better enabling you to work from a secure place of giving while you educate and inspire your business affiliates to succeed.  Plus, the fact that all of your leads for your new business are brought in through a marketing system instead of “a business opportunity meeting” you have now duplicated yourself and have a team of people that is aware of what it really takes to succeed and more equipped and trained to market themselves – therefore creating a situation where more of your affiliates will succeed resulting in a strong retention rate while strengthen your residual income.

Set yourself on a course for success.  The best mlm training along with a good strategy are the foundation to transforming you from an “amateur entrepreneur hopeful” to a secure and successful Network Marketing professional. The process begins by acquiring the skills and knowledge to generate quality leads without going broke in the process.  A well structured marketing platform that includes a revenue producing affiliate funnel system and network marketing training to teach you every step of the way – is key!

A Great Video Presentation

Video marketing is where it’s at.  With its preferred search engine ranking and ability to share a message and hold a prospects attention in today’s world of click and send communication, video marketing has become very popular. To capture a viewer’s attention today your message must entice with Voice, Visual, and Audio.  This is the way to grab and hold their attention long enough to share your message.  Video presentation mlm is the answer.

Making a video is not that much different than a presentation you create in an email, article or even present in front of a group.  So when you are drafting your video scripts remember to use the same tools that you would for any great presentation.  

Structure your video script like any presentation you would make – but now add the power of sound, text and imagery.

I read an interesting piece in a book by John David Mann, The Zen of MLM.  The piece, “Secrets of a Great Presentation”, originally appeared in June 2001 as an epilogue to The Master Presentation Guild, by Jan Ruhe.  In it Jan explains that in order to make a great presentation, you need to make sure it will sing and dance, laugh and cry, and tell a truth in a powerful way.  These are all key elements in video presentation mlm training.


Avoid being dull by using variation in pitch and volume from high to low and loud to soft. The ebb and flow of your story and message needs to pattern itself after a good movie; where the music intensifies just before the scene climaxes.  Remember, too, “white space” in an article is powerful – so is a magnificent pause just before a punch line.  The greatest storytellers make more impressions with what they don’t say – by using silence in their speech.


Here I’m referring to images the audience makes in their minds, not the rhythm of your words. Images are best created when the audience is given contrary examples: I was once lost, now I am found; I was blinded by fear, but now I can see.  The classic salesman’s tool of feel-felt-found approach is another way of speaking with rhythm.  (I know how you feel Carol, I used to feel the same way until I discovered different, and here is what I found…)  That approach always makes your presentation dance.


Most presentations I hear today include this part — a good before and after experience.  The beginning is where you hear how they were broke or even homeless; and now they are financially abundant and secure.  Before and after stories are great, but try to pull more details in so that the audience can imagine more vividly.  This is the way to draw the pain and joy that are the two most distinct emotions you share with the audience.  They too desire to enjoy pleasure and avoid pain.

Back to the before and after story; if the before includes an explanation of how you felt not being able to send your son on a weekend camping trip that was attended by all his school mates – to then, years later, your son wins a prestigious award as the top pupil in a private school you are now able to afford.  That would make your presentation “laugh and cry.”


Be in the present.  Don’t repeat a “canned presentation” that you have done a hundred times. To be in the present is when you share a topic that can be something you know inside and out or something you are just learning, but what’s key is to share what it means to you TODAY.  Your only goal here is to convey the most valuable single point that would benefit the audience now.  By being current, you can draw on recent experiences as well as long acquired knowledge all with an open mind.  This is being truth “full” and makes a good presentation — great!

The single best way to become a better presenter in your videos – is to make more videos.  Try out some of the video presentation mlm skills shown here next time you script a video.  You may be surprised how much more effective you videos become.  The system I use to promote all my videos is part of a platform that also includes ongoing mlm training to help master many more marketing strategies.

Curiosity Killed the Discomfort


When you have an associate you’re trying to help with mlm training and you know they have good people skills and really love the product you’re representing, but s/he’s not experiencing much success; what’s the best thing to do?  If you ask, “How are things going?” or “Having any luck with the phone marketing campaign we all started?” You may hear, “That hasn’t worked for me.”  When someone says this, more times than not, they’re not making the calls.


The reason they’re not making the calls is because it feels awkward and uncomfortable.  A lack of confidence may be rooted from rejection they’ve experienced in the past or a feeling that they don’t “know all the answers”.  Bottom line is that fear is keeping them from picking up the phone.  How does network marketing training address this?

There are many reasons why we feel uncomfortable making phone calls, but generally feeling uncomfortable comes when one is thinking about himself.

Your fear is centered on not having the answers and getting cold responses like, “Gosh, that sounds expensive,” or “I’ve tried something like that before and it didn’t work.”  You feel like no amount of enthusiasm you spew, data or facts you list, or even testimonials you present will convince them.

One main reason is all these approaches are coming from the “me” point of view via telling the prospect what you feel or think, what you have experienced, or what you have observed.  The way to turn this around, and take all the discomfort out of the conversation – is curiosity.  Everyone is innately curious.  It’s part of our DNA and we all have it.  That’s why a crazy headline on the grocery store tabloid sells more copies.  We are curious.

So the key is to let go of all your fearful, self-doubting thoughts prior to dialing and renew your own curiosity.  Think of questions to ask.  Who is this person?  What is their situation? What problems are they possibly concerned with?  What ideas to they have to solve their problems?  All of this sets you up to be in the “Curious Mode” which allows for a much more pleasing and productive conversation.

I have a great mlm training standby tip that I always share with my associates — don’t hang up the call until you know at least one more personal fact about the individual – even if you’ve talked to them before.  I know that it’s important to build relationships and not to let my enthusiasm and agenda overpower the conversation. By having this rule, not only do I find that I am a better listener, but I also have something to jot down in their profile.  Then, next time I call, I make an appropriate nod to that tidbit of information (So how was your son’s birthday party?) and they know I remember them and immediately were BOTH right at ease.  This is a fundamental truth I share in network marketing training.

When you ask questions the other person feels valued and knows you’re genuinely interested in them. Keep your knowledge and information in the background and let your curiosity lead the conversation.  You will find this simple mlm training approach will kill the discomfort of making calls.  I use a system to manage all my marketing efforts and it also includes ongoing education for my network marketing training.

Allure of Network Marketing – Anyone Can Do It!

One of the most attractive traits of the Network Marketing Industry is our allure.  The great Allure of Network Marketing and owning a Home Based Business is often the fact that any ordinary person can do it.  That it offers an even playing field no matter where you come from, what skills you have or lack, that if your “dream” is strong enough – yes YOU an ordinary person — can reap wealth and success.

Many of the leaders you see in the Industry, even on stage, appear to be just like you and I.  Are they truly just ordinary people, or is there something they aren’t telling us?  The effectiveness of the “rags-to-riches” story they tell is magnified best if they are seen by their potential followers as just an ordinary guy that after finding this great opportunity, his life transforms to one of opulence, power, prestige and a lot of money. 

Critics will justify their stories by saying, “They were in the right place at the right time,” or they “just got lucky.” This is not true.

What I believe to be true is that luck was not part of the equation.  Timing may have made the road traveled slightly easier at the time, but this is all very hard to detect by the time you see them up on stage as a Leader sharing their journey to wealth.

The myth that ordinary people accomplish extraordinary things in this industry may not to be the complete story either.  I believe that ordinary people find this industry and something inspiring happens. 

The Allure of Network Marketing can be fueled by the desire to change one’s life, to escape a world of debt, or to finally realize the admiration of others and silence the long-instilled voices of self-doubt — something happens — then they partner with a person they admire, get invaluable mlm training, and join an organization that makes them feel like they belong.  See, after one believes success is possible, then all that is required is the determination to stick it out, allowing the miracle to happen before you leave the room. 

So do ordinary people accomplish extraordinary success in Network Marketing? 

Think not.

What is more accurate, is that ordinary people discover Network Marketing and stop holding themselves back and allow the exceptional person within to come out.  And that exceptional person, in all of us – accomplishes extraordinary feats in the industry.   

Allow yourself the opportunity to put your prior beliefs behind and use the Allure of Network Marketing to transform yourself into the exceptional person you truly are.  This journey is best served by placing yourself in an environment of meeting people on the same path and a system to support your mlm training to acquire and nurture your Leadership potential.

How to Write MLM Ad – Copywriting Tips

Your written word is essential to attracting Prospects.  Not only will it determine the success of your marketing efforts, it will also affect the quality or “readiness” of your potential prospects.  Learning how to write mlm ad copy and basic copywriting tips will dramatically increase your results.  Think about it – your first impression with most prospects is some written word, ad, email, solo ad, Ezine, Website, Capture page, Podcast… you get the idea!

There are vast amounts of excellent information about copywriting and ways to use the written word to promote your business, thoughts or opinions, or yourself, all with the intention of having the prospect or reader take some type of action.  This is not surprising considering effective writing is one of the most significant elements of on-line marketing. I suggest that you absorb tips on how to write mlm ad copy as much as you can.  And as you collect different pointers, try to use them in everything you do to market yourself. 

Before I share copywriting tips and common mistakes people make, here’s a trick I use to write an MLM ad.  I have learned to “review my list”.  My list of copywriting tips that is. Then after I draft an email or write an MLM ad, I refer to the list of pointers to confirm that I have met the key points.  It’s a great way to make sure I stay consistent.

Remember, you want your copy to sell.  Your written word should convince and persuade the reader to act. It’s all selling and the best way to get better at it, is to do it, a lot.  Regardless of a book of rules or your innate talent, to master the art of copywriting you have to practice.

Here are some tips to follow:

1. WRITE COPY that’s effective, which means considering what your customer or prospect is thinking.  To draw them in will require you to identify with them or their thoughts.

Headline is the most imperative, then sub-headline.  The headline should answer the reader’s question, why do I care, what’s in it for me, why are you bothering me…?

In the body make sure you cover “Credibility” and why YOU or your products are the choice they should make.

Guarantees are very important especially if you are marketing on the Internet.  If you cannot offer a guarantee for your product, service or advice then maybe you need to be finding “something” new to sell!  Long term success and low refund rates are based on under promoting and over providing to your customer!

2. PROMOTION is another great way to grab attention and persuade using results. 

Case studies relevant to what you are promoting are great.  If you don’t have any yet, borrow from your industry, upline, etc.

Offers should be clearly stated, be direct about what you want the reader, prospect to do.  It’s always best to include a deadline when the offer will no longer be available, beneficial or cost effective – if they don’t act now.

Storytelling is always a good selling strategy.  Stories are easier to read, more memorable, and convincing. Separate points, leave some white space on the page, and keep the text more interesting to the reader’s eye.
FOUR of the top ten points to ensure strong ad copy:

– Tell the whole story.  Make sure that you share enough information for readers to make a decision or at least to take the next indicated step you are asking of them.

– Leave open space.  Be sure to use the most valuable technique–leave white space on the page keeping the presentation easy to read and more appealing.

– Give direction.  Clearly state how the readers can easily take action. 

– Make it meaningful.  Remember that emotion sells more than any other factor. Therefore, make sure your written text is enjoyable and worthy of the reader’s time.

This is a good start and there are more effective tips I will share on How to Write MLM Ad Copy. There are also very good systems that can help you to publish your written word all over the Internet.  The best systems include complete training on numerous strategies including more copywriting tips to make you a more effective on-line marketer.

Metcalfe’s Law – Network Marketing Training

Metcalfe's Law | Cloning Yourself | Cory AlanThere are few business opportunities today that allow the average individual the power of Metcalfe’s Law except Network Marketing.  The theory of computer network growth, Metcalfe’s Law states that the economic value of a network grows as the square of the number of its users increase. Metcalfe’s Law is often cited as an explanation for the rapid growth of the Internet today and can be used to explain the rising wave of information technology that we are riding in the 21st Century.  However, even with this knowledge, it can be difficult to convince others of Network Marketing’s power due to its virtual cyber status. 

The average person’s view of “Network Marketing” or MLM could still be that of a pyramid–far from what Network Marketing truly is and an important subject to address in your Network Marketing Training.

As a Networker who desires success and all the benefits of the industry, your first job is to duplicate yourself.  The almost magical results of a good compensation plan begin with you cloning yourself and your efforts with another person.  This is when you will start to see the power of duplication and grow exponentially experiencing firsthand Metcalfe’s Law.

Robert Metcalfe co-invented the Ethernet in 1973 and is credited for defining Metcalfe’s Law in 1980.  Metcalfe’s Law definition is a Network’s Economic Value = Number of Users, squared.  For example, Facebook with only one registered user was essentially useless. When 100 users signed up, however, it became more attractive and beneficial for each individual user.  Then, when a 1,000 people opted in, it became even better.  Facebook is literally a story of the “more the merrier” as the site becomes more useful, enjoyable, and valuable.

Using the Power of Metcalfe’s Law not only as a tool to define the industry’s business model, but to also show how one’s efforts can be exponentially multiplied, is a smart strategy that your prospects can relate to and understand in your Network Marketing Training.  This will also better explain how that first commission of $2.34 that you earned in your first month with Amway grew into a residual check of $1,000s of dollars – each and every month.

Using good business logic is a great tool to get a prospect to become an affiliate.  Just remember your best mlm training will teach you that the magic doesn’t start until you are able to clone yourself and your efforts.  A system to attract prospects while it educates you on different skill-sets that you can share with your group is part of your own ongoing network marketing training.

Some of the Best MLM Business Training Available – for Free!

Some of the Best Training in the world is available through the Network Marketing Industry – and it’s Free!  The whole concept of Network Marketing is to find, motivate, inspire, train and support others during their journey to become financially independent.  The amount of MLM Business Training and leadership development courses that are available is astonishing.

An active group or significant company will always focus on the education of its affiliates. Industry leaders know this is one of the components to a successful business or organization.  When you join a company or well-organized group you will be encouraged to attend meetings, events, webinars, and teleseminars. You will be provided lists of books to read and CDs to listen to.  Many will offer weekly or daily inspirational calls that you can join to stay current on company news, pep talks to “tough-it-out” during ebb-n-flow of normal business, as well as instilling key MLM business skills along the way. 

The Business School for People Whol Like Helping PeopleThe subjects that you will see offered in company sponsored training range from sales closing techniques to time management, communication skills and personal goal setting, to tax prep and ways to hang on to more of your profit.  And the amazing part of all this is that most of this is provided at no cost.  There might be a small investment to cover hotel room fees, or to purchase books and tapes, but smart groups even share these materials not only to save costs, but also to stimulate teamwork and accountability.

The best part of all this is that you don’t have to do it alone.  The experience has far more impact when done with others.  Plus, this forum of knowledge is one where you can apply what you are learning almost immediately.  Don’t spend months in a classroom learning a theory that you may never really apply.  You can attend a webinar or live training teleseminar and immediately apply your Business Training the next day to your own business.

Another unlimited source of current and useful training is the Internet.  Now if you have control of your “just buy now button” you will be safe to search the web.  There is vast amounts of MLM business training for free including tips, and tools offered on the Internet – many of which you can take advantage of without buying the “platinum-gold upgraded version”.  Many good Internet marketers know the best way to attract quality leads is to offer MLM business training of “real value” for free.  Of course this will be followed with a sales pitch; but if you can control your buy now impulse you can learn a lot. And after time if a source has brought you consistent useful information – why not patronize that site when you do choose to purchase something?

What’s the catch?  Possibly the largest drawback is also the greatest benefit — the fact that the education is available for free.  All it takes is the desire to get involved, participate, and attend.  So many times we see people not take advantage of all the network marketing training that is available, but those same people might spend tens of thousands of dollars to get an MBA at a prestigious college – or on-line extension course.  When in fact, some of the most practical, effective and life-changing education is at their fingertips for free.   

All it takes is a start.  Maybe just read from the “recommended list” 20-30 minutes each day.  You will be amazed with how your new mlm business training regimen will inspire you to do more.   Remember you truly are not selling anything but yourself, therefore the more valuable skills you acquire the more valuable or sought after you will become.  Get a system to attract prospects while teaching you those skill-sets as part of your own ongoing network marketing training.

He’s Just in it for The Money, MLM Training

We hear people say, “ He’s just in it for The Money,” and then days later the same person they’re speaking of stands up on the company stage and promises, “It’s not about the Money.”  Now their first statement could have been motivated by jealousy or more commonly, envy.  The person making that judgment has their own view of what “money” means to them.  And if they don’t have much, they may speak poorly of others out of frustration.  Should this person they are speaking of be labeled a hypocrite or not?  In MLM Training you will find that it is important to know what “money” means to your associates so that you can help them achieve their monetary goal.

Money means different things to different people.  Sometimes people will resist desiring it (or the thing in their life it defines) because of old programming like “Money is the root of all evil,” “Money is bad,” or “Money doesn’t buy happiness.”  We need to open our minds and realize that people have different attitudes and definitions about money.   For some, “Money” may really represent financial freedom or the ability to send a child to private school others may define it as not having the stress of worrying about rent or increased mortgage payments.  Money can even represent old feelings we have about ourselves and can help us break an old recording playing in our head leftover from our parents, “you’ll never amount to much of anything.”  Truth is, we don’t know what “for the Money” means until we better understand the person and learn more as we guide them through their network marketing training.

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So understanding what “Money” means to someone is key for your MLM training and for you to help him or her reach a level of success or fulfillment that they might not even believed possible.  If you were to forget what “The Money” means to you and why it is important – sooner than later  your own business will come to a grinding halt.  This is also true for the people within your organization.  Your job as a sponsor is to help guide people to reach their dreams, therefore knowing what The Money means to each person you are working with is essential.  If only to help remind them at times why they are doing what they are doing.  That’s a great sponsor!

No matter what “The Money” means to the people you support, your best mlm training will teach you how to identify what that is and help support them on their path.  A good Sponsor is not only a strong shoulder but also a provider of knowledge.  Acquire valuable skills to share with a system to attract prospects and teach you those skill-sets as part of your own ongoing network marketing training.

Build Lasting Commitment – MLM Training

 Build Lasting Commitment

What factors determine if a particular network marketing venture will last?  It goes beyond just the first glance of the Product, Company, and Compensation Plan.  The commitment that the people within your group show will be based greatly on the personal relationship they have with you.  No matter how good the product, which is only the foundation, the success rests on your shoulders to create.

In turn the Product, Company and Compensation Plan can have a great impact on that level of commitment.  This is because they are mimicking what they see in you.  If you are not fully committed to what you are involved in, it will show through in your daily behavior and speech.  Your followers will pick up on your tone and act based on that “feeling”.  So how do you get that golden level of commitment? It starts with the process by which you choose your company or opportunity.

This is a complete subject on its own, worth the time invested and key to your mlm training.  Your level of commitment is a reflection of your level of belief.  Therefore the stronger your belief in your opportunity the more likely you will attract and nurture a lasting commitment from your organization.  One way to acquire that rock solid belief is to learn the proper way to select the right company.  I use the principles that are spelled out in “How to Select a Network Marketing Company,” by Daren Falter.

We generally think of trust, integrity, friendly welcoming personality, and a commitment to fun, support, education and training to be what cultivates a Culture of Commitment in an organization.

But there is one trait that weighs in more, and has more direct impact on your group’s level of lasting stability and “sticking-in-there” — your commitment.  Your unshakable living, breathing, rock-solid clarity that YOU ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE.  I find it easy to express my commitment even when others approach me with the “latest-and-greatest” opportunity because I have made a promise to my group and personally vowed to support them as they build their own “home-based business.” I can’t switch to some other opportunity, because I am not willing to go back on my word. This is the core of my business philosophy at Cory Alan.

Not only is this an easy way to get a solicitor to back down, but if it is the truth – it will be the foundation of your mlm training to attract, cultivate, and maintain a strong organization and Build Lasting Commitment in others.

No matter how energetic or confident people are with the start of a new opportunity, your best mlm training will teach you their ability to last and commit will at best be a reflection of your’s.  Many say that your success is fully contingent upon the success of those you sponsor, so always be acquiring valuable skills to share.  Get the system that teaches you how to attract prospects and provides you with skill-sets for your own ongoing network marketing training.

How to Submit Articles for Blog Traffic

Article marketing is an effective way to build blog traffic, but learning How to Submit Articles for Blog Traffic correctly can make an even bigger impact in your ultimate goal to increase blog traffic.  You have probably read that Article Marketing is an easy way to get thousands of new subscribers and improve blog traffic to your site.  This may be true, but the formula includes hard work and most important — consistency.  Notice I didn’t say it required being an “award-winning author”.  Consistency is the KEY ingredient.

Many will say that blogging and using article marketing to increase blog traffic doesn’t work.  But if you Google those naysayers blogs, you will likely discover that their quantity of posts doesn’t extend much beyond a dozen, if not less.  So it’s important to have a strong mindset and understand that it is work, not necessarily difficult, but it won’t happen magically overnight.  Remember that you are building one of the most consistent long-lasting cost effective ways of driving traffic.

Here are some basic steps that I take to simplify the process while increasing my results.  After sharing some of the key concepts that insure success and increase blog traffic, I will cover some specific steps I take and will show you how to submit articles for blog traffic.

Now that you have “consistency” in your toolbox, the next step is to keep it simple.  Setting up a basic strategy with only a few steps will go a long way to maintaining consistency over time.  Many successful bloggers write 300 word articles and post them on just one site; the largest article directory available, Keeping it simple motivates them to be consistent which helps them get more articles posted on a weekly basis.  My personal approach is to bump 300 words up to 500 and get more mileage out of my articles by submitting some of them to multiple sites using an article submitter program, the payoff is more “back links.” I may not produce as many articles as the “300 word blogger”, but it gives me a competitive edge to spin and distribute to multiple sites.  Even better, I use videos to promote my articles as a “secret sauce” to increase ranking.

As you progress, you’ll learn to track keywords and test to see which keywords increase blog traffic the most.   You will practice editing your Headlines to make sure they grab the reader’s attention, as well as providing an enticing “give-a-way item” and crafting a sign-up incentive offer to increase your capture rate.  Later, you will need to review all of your past postings to check that they’re relevant to your subject and ultimate goal.  Remember, creating blog traffic and attracting subscribers is only useful if the group has interest in what you have to offer. This, along with better research, tracking results, and outsourcing will be future steps to take as you mature and fine-tune your overall strategy.

Let’s pause and be honest for a moment . . . remember none of this counts until you have a blog up and running and you’re consistently posting to it each week.  The great thing is that most answers you need to improve blog traffic will come as a result of your initial efforts.  Like anything of value, you need a great foundation and then the “building blocks” will present themselves as you mature and grow in the process. Keep it simple – be consistent.

Here is my quick outline (aka battle plan) that you can borrow for now until you create your own personal and unique strategy.  See more examples by going to my website, or Google search my name, Cory Alan.

Write a 500-550-word article that is based on two keyword phrases and post it to your own blog.  Use one of the phrases as your title.  The second phrase should be your second tag in your signature box and link to your marketing site.  The first tag, your article title, will link back to your article on your blog or website when you submit it to EzineArticles.

Next, post the article to your marketing system, if it accepts articles (MLSP), and link back again to the original on your site. Then, produce a quick 30-90 second video (screen saver of a power-point presentation is just fine) and post that to YouTube.  On YouTube in your “description” area link back to the original article and in the “Tags” box put both of your keyword phrases and your own name. 

This is a good start and there are more effective tips I will share on how to submit articles for blog traffic. There are also very good systems to help manage all the necessary tasks as well as provide valuable training for building a Blog to successfully increase blog traffic to your personal website.

Define Paid Marketing | Ezines Solo Ads


It is commonly said that Paid Marketing is the FASTEST way to get website traffic.  PERIOD.

I define Paid Marketing as the marketing technique like the name, where you pay for exposure or traffic.  It is the quickest way to be on page one of any keyword phrase you want in a matter of minutes with Google Adwords.  However, the minute you stop buying these clicks from Google your advertising stops. 

There are many ways to get started in “Paid Marketing” with a small budget.  These can be useful in getting things rolling while you’re planting seeds in your chosen areas of promotion.  I have discovered as Marketers mature, Paid Marketing is always part of their mix. 

For the purpose of this article, I will touch on the first three “paid marketing strategies” now utilized on the Internet to drive traffic to a website, capture page with the sole purpose of making a sale or building a list to sell to later.

The first is AdWords, or Google Search Engine Marketing.  Their names have become so common that we sometimes use them to refer to paid marketing, just like Kleenex is a soft facial tissue yet we use the brand name when referring to any brand of tissue.   AdWords and Google are brand names, but since they are the major players we refer to the whole strategy by their names.  Actually, more accurately we should call it Pay-Per-Click Advertizing (Google, Yahoo, MSN & Others). Also known as Pay Per Ranking, Pay Per Placement, Pay Per Position or Cost Per Click, this strategy enables you to position an advertisement for your site at the top of search engine results by using keywords that best describe your product or service. It’s a competitive and dynamic marketplace – the higher you bid, the higher your advertisement will be displayed on the list. 

Different than conventional print advertising, you pay only when a searcher clicks on your listing and connects to your site. You don’t pay to have your ad listed; you only pay for clicks or “click through”.  So you are actually paying for the traffic to your site.  And here’s a plus, there are no other hidden costs.

Pay-Per-Click is an ADVANCED marketing strategy that has a significant learning curve.  One should have a budget of at least $2,000 a month to spend and it is highly recommended to complete your “learning process” with other strategies so that your learning curve may not be so expensive.  To advertise successfully with Pay- per-click (PPC) you must be prepared to invest in your education if you expect this strategy to yield results. However, with that being said, if you are WILLING to learn this strategy it can be extremely effective!

Though many credit Jeffrey Brewer of, and founder, Bill Gross, for starting PPC (Pay-Per-Click) it was not until October of 2000 that AdWords’ system with Google was introduced, allowing advertisers to create text ads for placement on the Google search engine.  Then in 2002, you actually paid for each “click” as prior advertisements were charged at cost-per-thousand impressions.

Now, PPC is an Internet advertising model used on websites in which advertisers pay their host only when their ad is clicked. With search engines, advertisers typically bid on keyword phrases relevant to their target market. Content sites commonly charge a fixed price per click rather than use a bidding system.

Although many PPC providers exist, Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, and Microsoft adCenter are the three largest network operators, and all three operate under a bid-based model. Cost per click (CPC) varies depending on the search engine and the level of competition for a particular keyword.

[Keyword]   A word or phrase entered into a search engine in an effort to get the search engine to return matching and relevant results.  Keywords are used to search for articles in a database as well as “tagged” to a website so that when people use that specific word to search, they are led to that particular site.

The second is Ezines Solo Ads, which can be a better choice for the person first starting out mainly due to the limited cost commitment required.    Ezines Solo Ads Ezine Marketing is one of the favorite methods of many top producers. The reason for this is that Ezine marketing allows you to “piggy back” off the credibility of someone else and in essence “rent” someone else’s list! 

Ezines is an online inventory of newsletters that people subscribe to and where Website owners keep in touch and build relationships with their visitors. Ezines are used to share news, updates, and website promotions.  When an Ezine sends out an email with your ad in it the reader takes it more seriously because they have a “relationship” established with the Ezine.

Just about every Ezine accepts advertising from third parties. By mixing a few paid ads in with their content, website owners can defray the cost of operating an Ezine and open up an additional stream of revenue.  You can place an ad for your website, product, or service in various Ezines. It is important to find an Ezine that narrowly targets the market you’re looking to reach.  This will insure that your offer is relevant to a higher percentage of the Ezines’ followers.

The most expensive (but by far the best) type of Ezine ad is called a solo ad.  Solo Ads, as the name implies, means “one ad.”  When you take out a solo ad, your ad is the only one the reader of the Ezine will see.

The third is ListBuilders, which is one of the strategies I started with as I was developing my Article Marketing skills.   ListBuilders are online services that you can send 1000’s of SOLO ADS to their members in the form of emails.  “ListBuilders” are highly effective when used consistently.  You can usually join them for free, but the real value is in the upgrade.  The Members with “free” access are given credits to send ads or emails based on the number of other ads they read or sites they visit. 

To upgrade, you pay a one time or annual fee, and then you’re able to immediately distribute ads to their database.  You are usually limited to a certain number of emails within a certain number of days.  You will also start receiving emails (ads) from other members.  This can fill up your “Spam Box”.  Then if you further upgrade you are allowed to send even larger numbers of emails and sometimes not required to continue receiving emails from other members.  These services usually offer other similar products like banner ads and bar ads (which are short ads for your product or service) that will appear on cooperating websites to further drive more traffic to your site.

When starting out, ListBuilders can be a great source not only to jump start traffic coming to you, but they also provide a window for you to observe what others are doing, which will in turn sharpen your skills.

Other forms of Paid Advertising are, Banner Advertising, advertising that appears on a website, usually as a banner across the top of a page, and Facebook Advertising which is offered for people with budgets under $30,000 a month. —LOL— These and others I will go into more detail later, and on my website.

So how does this all tie in with a person that may want to start marketing a product or business, or even themselves on the Internet?  Paid Advertizing is a terrific resource and widely used by people that fully understand our industry.  Not a place to start, but a place to use “free” strategies while you are learning the ropes and are practicing new found tricks.  With any Internet Marketing Strategy, most important is that you discover the strategy that you like most and are comfortable performing.  If you enjoy the process you will be certain to be better at it.  And the better you are at it, the more likely you’ll become consistent with its implementation.  You will find that the strategy you choose is much less important than your ability to do it consistently in order to achieve success.

It’s best to only choose 1 or 2 initial strategies to focus on at one time.  The best strategy for one person may not be the best strategy for you.  I agree it can seem overwhelming at times, but actually the process can be quite simple if one focuses on just one strategy at a time.   There are unlimited training courses, Internet tools, websites and programs to help you be more effective and efficient in each separate category or strategy you choose.  Having someone to help guide you through the process, pointing out which tools and programs offer the most help, not only will save your sanity, but also can save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in the process.

After you choose which strategy you want to implement, you will need a system or platform to manage all of these tasks relevant to those strategies.  The system should also include support training so that you don’t spend endless time trying to just get started. 

Now that you better understand “What is Paid Marketing | Ezines Solo Ads” start looking into systems, not only to educate you on the best ways to implement strategies; but a system to manage all the leads you will generate as you become one of the highly successful Internet ListBuilders.

What is BetterNetworker?


BetterNetworker self-described is the world’s #1 social community for home business owners. Affiliated with the Association of Better Networkers, it offers free training for marketing your business online. The website features interviews with top veterans who operate very successful home businesses. has a large amount of content and more to offer. There are over 45 featured instructors with individual bios, activities and some with recent blog posts, articles, videos and Podcasts.

This is in addition to the extensive forum section where you can ask the experts questions and share your own success stories. There are thousands of posts on hundreds of topics that can help you build your business, as well as a copywriting forum, a “groups” area that you can either join the “Most Popular” group or start your own. The group search function via “zip code” and miles allows you to locate or social network with people in your own backyard. There’s also a lounge to relax and chat with fellow entrepreneurs. The “Groups” area is most likely the best place for true “Networking”, similar to areas offered on Facebook and LinkIn where you can connect with others on a certain subject. Finding other business people with common interests usually insures stimulating conversation and more chances to make a personal connection.

On the educational side, the MLM training forum or “Learn” tab has Marketing, Personal Development, MLM News, as well as Sponsoring and Recruiting and Tools/Services sub-tabs. I find the resources area to be very useful and have found links to industry services that I needed. BetterNetworker may be considered more of a resource site because there is so much information provided, but anytime there is social networking going on — there is a potential to make a connection and possibly attract prospects too.

The newest addition is coming later this year. In mid-2010 the site will have a “Companies” area where information will be provided to community members with detailed information about individual companies that offer new and exciting home business opportunities. Users will not only be able to expand their knowledge base on what’s available, but will also be able to connect with companies that they now represent along with other site members that share the affiliation.

So how does this all tie in with a person that may want to start marketing a product or business, or even themselves on the Internet? BetterNetworker is a terrific resource and social marketing platform for people that understand our industry. Used in conjunction with other marketing strategies and training, it is a recipe for success. Most important is that you discover the strategy that you like most and are comfortable performing. If you enjoy the process you will be certain to be better at it. You will find that the strategy you choose is much less important than your ability to do it consistently in order to achieve success.

It’s best to only choose 1 or 2 initial strategies to focus on at one time. The best strategy for one person may not be the best strategy for you. I agree it can seem overwhelming at times, but actually the process can be quite simple if one focuses on just one strategy at a time. There are unlimited training courses, Internet tools, websites and programs to help you be more effective and efficient in each category or strategy you choose. Having someone to help guide you through the process, pointing out which tools and programs offer the most help, not only will save your sanity, but also can save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in the process.

After you choose your strategy to implement, you will need a system or platform to manage all of these tasks relevant to those strategies. The system should also include support training so that you don’t spend endless time just trying to get started.

Why not start connecting now that you’ve learned what is “BetterNetworker” while continuing to educate yourself within the broader industry. Get ideas from the “experts” and then implement them into your own personal marketing approach and system. The best FIRST STEP in marketing yourself on the Internet, is to acquire a system to tie it all together. Step-up and manage all the elements with one system that includes training to make you an expert and Better Networker.

What is Content Marketing, or Article Marketing?

Lately many people have asked me, “What is Content Marketing?”  I define Content Marketing as the creation and distribution of relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined target audience.  An effective and inexpensive website promotion tool, it can help you boost your organic search rankings and can also act as a form of Internet viral marketing.  If your articles are compelling, others will want to include them in their blog posts and on their websites.  It is a surprisingly effective way to get traffic-building  “backlinks” to your own site.  A backlink is where you get to post your URL or website at the end of the article you authored.

As you progress, you’ll use the practice of posting keyword-focused articles on article sites that will syndicate your content. This is an important website promotion technique because some of these article syndication sites have a significant readership following.  Articles can be written to target particular keyword niches, and distributed to content publishers that cater to those markets.  This way you will be able to “speak” directly to the market you wish.

The website where you can post an article is known as an article directory. The primary reason they allow you to post an article without cost is that the directory owner places advertising on each article page and collects the revenue generated from the advertising. The article directory site gradually increases its own search engine popularity as more articles are posted, benefitting both you and the directory owner with increased visitor numbers and article page views.

Professionals have used Article marketing strategies for nearly as long as mass print has been available.  The original content article you write related to your industry, product or service, serves the dual role of providing Article Directory Sites with what amounts to free content, and you with similarly free advertising.  Each article you write can contain a bio box and byline that references your contact information including a link back to your website. Well-written content articles released for free distribution have the potential of increasing your business’ credibility within your market as well as attracting new clients.  If your published articles are well liked, your content becomes available for all to see — and potentially reuse.

When done properly, articles you post on syndicated article sites can become “link bait” for other sites. For example, let’s say you own a home business that sells closet organizers. If you write an article about organizing your closet, others who want to post a blog entry about organizing a closet may link to your article, increasing exposure for your writing and your subject matter especially if the article site gets more traffic than your own website, which is likely.  Keep in mind; it is a stated rule that if someone is to copy or use your content, they must leave the links or “backlinks” in your bio box or signature area.

While all this is driving direct traffic to your site, it also provides other benefits.  It supports SEO (Search Engine Optimization) based on the idea that a website’s ranking in search engines will increase as it obtains more backlinks. Therefore, writing and distributing articles that contain a link to your website within the bio box should result in more links back to your website. This process increases your website’s rank within search engines. 

Some sites can even link your keyword phrase back to your specific website page that you’re promoting with that keyword — a highly effective search engine optimization technique. Other sites won’t allow you to do this, but they’ll have no problem with you including links in your resource box (your profile or signature information used to let people know who you are), which adds important one-way backlinks to your website.

Search engine optimization (SEO) deals with the order in which webpages are ranked when keywords or phrases are typed into search engines. The higher a page is ranked, the more likely it will draw a greater number of visitors to that site. For company websites, increased traffic often translates into increased sales.  Article marketing has proven to be useful and effective for several leading Internet marketing ventures.

So what does all this mean to the person that may want to start marketing a product or business, or even themselves on the Internet? An Article Marketing Strategy is a terrific choice for the person without a marketing budget who wants to create long-standing results. It may take more time to develop, but can be much more effective in the long run. 

Want to start building a following of people that look to you as the “expert” now that you understand what is content marketing.  Great!  To get help and training on everything from what to write about to how to get it seen all over the Internet, you’ll need a reliable system to set up, teach, and manage the elements of a successful article marketing strategy.

What is Social Marketing, or more correct: Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is not to be confused with “Social marketing” which refers more to the concepts and techniques to achieve specific behavioral goals for the social good like no smoking areas or seat belts rules and even prompting to make people follow speed limits.  Though I will be using the term “social marketing” as most do on the Internet, I’m referring to the actual context of “social media marketing”.

What is Social Marketing? One of the hottest new trends on the Internet today! It is the collection and growing volume of content that is published or created by its users. [Example; with YouTube, the millions of videos that are posted are mainly created by the “Users” and not the owner or employees of “YouTube”.]  Through social networks, online communities, blogs, wikis or any collaborative group people are using the Internet to communicate with each other.  This communication includes public relations, customer service, marketing as well as relationship building and sharing of ideas.  Common facilities to use social media marketing are tools or services like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Flickr, Wikipedia, Orkut and YouTube.

A Social Marketing Strategy via the Internet has three basic components and is a completely separate marketing approach than Content Marketing or Paid Marketing.  Though many do integrate more than one approach to maximize the results the following is how I define social marketing.

1. It is used to “strike a match” or create a “buzz” that self-propells through the Internet and becomes viral in nature.  This is through newsworthy events, videos, tweets, or blog entries that grab people’s attention provoking them to share with others.  Buzz is the engine behind social media marketing and what makes it work.  The user is the fuel to spread the message, rather than the traditional method of purchasing an ad space or running commercials. The original message is often not about the “product” or what you are ultimately attracting people towards,  many successful viral campaigns driven by “buzz fuel” have been just  an amusing or compelling message that had the company logo or tagline attached.

2. Establishing or providing tools to enable an interested person or “fan” of a particular product or brand to be able to promote a message themselves.  This can and is done in multiple online social media venues. Fan pages in Twitter, MySpace on Facebook, “Lenses” on Squidoo all provide this model.

3. It is the place or “on-line water cooler” to have everyone gather around for this conversation or “buzz” to take place. Social media marketing is not controlled by the instigator or the organization. Instead they are usually only responsible to kick-start it and then optimally have tools to encourage user participation and dialogue. A poorly designed social media marketing campaign can potentially backfire on the company that created it. A successful campaign is rooted by remembering to respect the users.

So what does all this mean to the person that may want to start marketing a product or business, or even themselves on the Internet?   Social Marketing is often utilized by the “newbie” as a great place to get started.  Mainly because there is little to no cost required to practice these strategies.  Don’t be mistaken, many professional marketers experiencing great results also use these strategies, maybe not exclusively, but to support and utilize the traffic they are creating through more advanced campaigns.

Want to start your own “buzz” now that you know what is social marketing?  Great!  You can get your feet wet by playing around with Twitter or FaceBook, if you haven’t yet already.  Then after you start establishing a group of friends or followers, the next step is to see how you can navigate these networks for your own gain.  To do that you will need a system to help set up, teach, and manage the numerous parts of a successful Social Marketing Strategy.

What is Internet Marketing?

Internet MarketingWhat is Internet Marketing? In broad terms Internet Marketing refers to promotion of commerce or business through the Internet medium.  It is the way in which products or services are promoted and sold over the Internet.  Internet marketing, also called web marketing, online-marketing and even “i” or “e” –Marketing uses the Internet to deliver all types of media to a global and even local market.  The relatively low cost to disseminate information to a global audience makes it very unique compared to marketing of the past.

The interactive nature of the Internet has forced the evolution of its marketing strategies to include specialist skills to deal with the instant response and eliciting responses now present with this unique medium. A device must be included in your Internet marketing system to accommodate this instant response.

The term is also inclusive of the post-sale relationship between a business and its customers because it encompasses digital customer data management and electronic customer relations.  It is widely used in the business world today and referred to as ECRM — Electronic Customer Relationship Management.  This makes the scope larger as it refers to the on-going relationship supported by the Internet, e-mail, and wireless media.

Internet marketing ties together the technical and creative aspects of the Internet including design, branding, promotion and advertising, as well as sales.  Here are three main objectives to help define Internet Marketing: 

(1) Deliver a company’s message or presence in a marketplace.  Branding its culture, mission and value as well as educating or detailing its products or service via the computer screen.

(2) Collect data research not limited by demographics, individual preferences or past requirements of both existing customers and (different groups, classes, stereotypes, etc.) as potential new customers.

(3) The actual selling, collection of fees, tracking of distribution and follow up of goods, services, or advertising space over the Internet.

The way in which one reaches out via the Internet to its prospective client is through different strategies.  The more popular Marketing Strategies utilized by Internet Marketers are Social, Content and Paid marketing approaches.  Each has their own attributes as well as limitations or short-comings.

There are several Business Model terms associated with Internet Marketing. 

E-COMMERCE (electronic-commerce) refers to business over the Internet. Web sites such as and eBay are all e-commerce sites. The two major forms of e-commerce are Business-to-Consumer (B2C) and Business-to-Business (B2B). So, while the neighborhood baker doesn’t sell his cupcakes on the Internet, he utilizes the benefits of the Internet to search and find the supplier with the best price for flour.

LEAD-BASED WEBSITES are organizations or groups of websites that create value by capturing prospective clients or sales leads from the Internet to be utilized by or sold to a third party.

AFFILIATE MARKETING is a process in which a product or service is promoted by many people or entities that receive a percentage of the profits when the product is purchased. The Affiliate did not develop or produce it themselves.  The owner or producer of the product has authority over whom and how their product is sold and customarily provides the “affiliate” with marketing materials; i.e. Website links, capture pages, and banner ads that have encoded tracking — the device used to ensure the affiliate gets credit for the sale.

LOCAL INTERNET MARKETING is the process used by a company with a “local customer base” that traditionally sells by warm market referrals, signage, location visibility, and utilizing the Internet to find and cultivate relationships with potential customers to later interact with offline.

BLACK HAT MARKETING is a form of Internet marketing or search engine optimization (SEO)  commonly referring to the practice of using unethical techniques or employing deceptive, abusive, or less than truthful methods to make your search rankings go up to drive more traffic to your website.

The birth and growth of Internet marketing has also made a mark on the “personal worlds” of many individuals.  With Internet Marketing offering individuals infinite ways to promote and market themselves, products, services and opportunities, the world of home-based-business has exploded.

Initially for the person that desires to capitalize on this medium for their own person commerce, Internet Marketing can be confusing or even overwhelming for most. Each method seems to have its own language to decipher and obstacle to overcome.  A system or platform to manage all of these strategies can be very useful if it includes support training.  It’s best to only choose 1 or 2 initial strategies to focus on at one time.  The best strategy for one person may not be the best strategy for you.  Most important is that you discover the strategy that you like most and are comfortable performing.  If you enjoy the process you will be certain to be better at it.  And the better you are at it, the more likely you’ll become consistent with its implementation.  You will find that the strategy you choose is much less important than your ability to do it consistently in order to achieve results.

I agree it can seem overwhelming at times, but actually the process can be quite simple if you focus on just one strategy at a time.   There are unlimited training courses, Internet tools, websites and programs to help you be more effective and efficient in each category or strategy you choose.  Having someone to help guide you through the process, pointing out which tools and programs offer the most help, not only will save your sanity, but also can save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in the process.

Now that you know the answer to “What is Internet marketing”, the next step is to see how you can integrate its vast possibilities into your world.  Using a system to help set up, teach and manage the numerous parts of the process is highly recommended.  Check out such a system to help you define Internet marketing for yourself as you build your Internet marketing system.

Top Lead Generation System

Marketing Online Strategy – Of Giving


A delightful book, The Go-Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann, that vividly shares five simple principles for stratospheric success.   The characters are well developed and familiar to the point that if you bumped into one of them on the street – you would feel you knew them. 

It is no surprise to me that in 2008 this “little story about a powerful business idea” stormed through the business world to become a national bestseller followed by a global phenomenon. As I understand the book is now in sixteen foreign-language editions.

The Go-Giver is a heartwarming and inspiring tale of an ambitious young man.  His name is Joe and you learn to sympathize with his burning desire to succeed. You will enjoy the journey Joe takes, initially over just one quick week, within his business world, to begin his own metamorphosis from the typically self-centered ambitious “go-getter” to one that actually internalizes the relevance of the old proverb “give and you shall receive.”

The back cover of the book offers a number of personal testimonials from other authors.  One shares, “The Go-Giver will teach you one of the very best ways to increase your wealth – by investing in yourself.” – John Assaraf, author of Having It All. 

Again, another example of how the greatest asset we have to offer is ourselves.  A Marketing Online Strategy combined with the Attraction Marketing approach to increase site traffic, Burg & Mann teach us that the most direct route to reaching success is learning how to provide valuable content to our Prospects and focusing our efforts on solving their issues as we establish ourselves as a Leader worthy of following.

As you consider the world of Internet Marketing for promoting yourself, or if you are already on your way but may be stumbling around roadblocks and seemingly overwhelming obstacles, you may be questioning what will it really take to be successful?

The secret may not germinate from a task to learn, a skill to master, a strategy to implement, or even an attitude to adopt, but a philosophy that will develop from a change in the way you think that will lead you to the winning attitudes, positive actions and ultimately new lifestyle.

While you seek a Marketing Online Strategy to increase site traffic consider finding that better “mouse trap” and focus on building the one most valuable asset you own – yourself.  And then simply share the journey with others that may want to follow.

As these concepts began to resonate with me in my mid-forties, I would often find myself struggling with the thoughts of “why didn’t I get this earlier?”  If the perfect day to start is “someday soon”, be careful, when it arrives it will look and feel just like today!

One of my favorite speakers, the late Jim Rohn said, “You can make incredible things happen if you truly desire to have things change, and are willing to implement new and different actions for a couple of years.”  It’s amazing what can change if one chooses to focus and implement new ideas for 2, 3 or even 5 years – you can accomplish incredible goals.  It doesn’t matter if you start at age 25, 45, or 65, you can do it if you choose to.

You can begin by embracing some simple laws to adopt for a marketing online strategy of giving.  As you continue to build and nurture that great asset of yours, YOU, here is a vehicle that you can use to share your journey and monetize the service you provide to your followers as you increase site traffic.

Is finding the “Top Home-Based Business” Important?

Discovering Opportunity


Most people think finding the newest “Top Home-Based Business” is the answer to success.  When in truth, no matter which Home Based Business opportunity you find, most often it has one major obstacle to overcome — finding people interested in the product or opportunity.


If you have joined an opportunity in the past or even recently — I’m sure the first thing you ultimately discovered after familiarizing yourself about your new product, company, compensation plan, and marketing strategy was that you need a way to find people to buy your product or join your organization.  The first step for most is to go out and buy fresh and or real time leads and spend a fortune in the process.  And if you originally thought that the cost to join the program was steep, now you’re spending even more on leads without seeing great results.

This, I believe, is putting the cart before the horse.  You need to learn how to effectively find people to buy your product or join your opportunity before you even choose what product/opportunity you want to pitch.  What you need more than the “perfect product” is a lead generation system to generate leads online.

It is not uncommon to join a company, get your product, business cards, website, and a few brochures only to quickly realize what you need is a plan to market yourself.  It seems that your up-line and company are doing everything to help train you to start marketing the opportunity. All along telling you to hang on and NOT TO GIVE UP.  This seems backwards to me. What you really need is an effective lead generation strategy, tools and possibly even a lead generation program.  Why not first learn if you are willing or capable of marketing an opportunity?  Wouldn’t it be a good idea to know this before spending the hefty “sign-up costs” and getting yourself committed to a monthly “auto-ship” only to have unsold product collecting in your garage?

Upon researching the industry, you will find people promoting the myth that if you don’t have their “secret” you are doomed to join the 97% of people that fail in home-based businesses.  With that said, the person peddling the “secret” may or may not have the “secret” that works for you?

What if you started learning what you need to do to be successful, first?  You might even find out during the process what you are good at and what you’re not.  Trust me, on the bottom is where most people end up after joining their new “top home-based business” and for some, even after joining their 10th. Ouch!

It’s not surprising that most companies will “focus” on the product or compensation plan as the key to your success. And why not since the company and your upline only make money when you buy product.  Then starts the training that you’re expected to replicate which consist mainly of promoting how the product is the answer!  But what if you changed YOUR focus?  Maybe you don’t need some super-duper product, or debt free company to “make it.” Maybe what you need first is to learn how to sell and market YOU. 

Yes, YOU!  You start each day searching for the perfect opportunity when here it’s been waking up with you every morning.  Any successful Home-Based Business owner knows they have to do a good job of marketing himself or herself.  You may notice some people will have short-term success or a great month focusing on marketing the product or the opportunity — but the ones that make it for the long haul are marketing themselves.

So, what if you started by marketing yourself instead of ending there?  Crazy idea, I know — but what if?  You might be thinking to yourself right now, “Well if it’s true it would be a lot easier.”  Certainly it would be much easier to do than figuring out how to sell and convince a bunch of people to join your MLM.

If you were to market yourself, instead of a product, what would that look like?  We know that the only way to attract people is to have something they want.  Well, we know that one can only succeed in a home-based business by being able to generate quality prospects while not going broke in the process. You can offer that vital information to people.  Offer your prospects a way to generate leads online without going bankrupt.  When you learn and possess the most effective lead generation tools and understand and know how to teach effective lead generation strategy, you have something to offer.  Not only will it secure your position as a leader in your company, but will give you an avenue to produce affiliate income to survive the building process while you learn.

It is a completely different way of thinking, so best start by learning how to market YOU.

Success will follow the change in your new attitude. If having prospects seek you out in your top home based business opportunities is what you want, then you have to check out this powerful system that can do just that, a top lead generation system.

Top Lead Generation System

Jeff Olson Slight Edge to Internet Marketing Plan


As you consider Internet Marketing as the vehicle to marketing yourself, or if you are already on your way, but colliding into roadblocks or being stalled by overwhelming obstacles, you’re probably asking yourself what will it really take to be successful?


The book, The Slight Edge, by Jeff Olson is not only a great tool to help you change your perception; but also to learn the little, seemingly insignificant actions to take to have monster mental results over time.

What if your success or lack thereof, was not a result of luck, timing, or even fate?  And the degree of required tasks was not a matter of intelligence, skill or talent?  Jeff shares that during his years in business working with several thousands of people, he observed how at one time or another they were all faced with the same opportunity – yet their outcomes differed greatly.  Few became millionaires and many reached solid success with good incomes, while even more went absolutely nowhere. Throughout his career he was able to rise to the very top with many different companies with different product lines in different countries around the world.  Clearly he’s not bragging, but sharing that there was absolutely nothing brilliant about what he did.  He did the exact same thing every time, using ridiculously simple strategies made up of ridiculously simple lists of ridiculously simple actions in every case.

So my first thought while reading his book was great, this book may tell me how and what perfect strategies to implement each time so I, too, can do it.  I was hoping for a blueprint to follow to try out his solid step-by-step how-to information and reach the same consistent level of success that Jeff Olson accomplished.

But instead Olson further explains that the “how to” is not the key.  According to Olson, he could show me exactly what he did to create four different, separate, independent, multimillion-dollar organizations – and teach me how to do the exact same thing.  But chances are it wouldn’t work for me.  The reason is the “how to do it” is not the answer.  If that was the answer we would all be rich, healthy, happy, and fulfilled.  And most of us are none of these things.  All the wonderful how-to books that are out there are not the key to your transformation.  It’s only information.

Olson goes on further to explain that the secret, once you know it, will cause you to find the real answers you need. Then as long as you apply them and live them, you will achieve the results you desire.

I found his secret to not to be a task to learn, a skill to master, a strategy to implement, or even an attitude to adopt, but a philosophy that germinates from a change in the way you think that leads you to the winning attitudes, positive actions, and ultimately new lifestyle.

The book points out profound yet simple wisdoms you can actually apply in everyday life.  In Jeff Olson’s acknowledgement he gives special thanks to Jim Rohn, whose teaching had a profound impact on the author and immediately gave me a liking to Jeff Olson as I also admire Jim Rohn. Jim Rohn was one of the very first “motivational speakers” I went to hear back when I first started Real Estate at the age of 18.  Like most, I wish I would have taken more of what he said to heart, but do feel that things I heard in that live presentation stayed with me.  My cassette tapes were completely worn out from all the hours I spent listening. Here’s the great thing, I know if I could find copies of those same tapes, decades later, they would still make a positive impact on me today.  In fact, I just might do that!

The Slight Edge is not just good information. It’s not another self-help success book packed with some revolutionary “new way” of doing things.  It’s designed to help you take whatever information you have, whatever how-to’s or strategies or goals or aspirations you may acquire, and turn them into the life you want.

Jeff Olson uses a sweet but sad story of a shoeshine woman that he met in an airport (whom he actually dedicates the book to) to open your mind to the possibility that the simplest of disciplines can result in putting you on a path of extraordinary success and fulfillment.  He also repeats three simple timeless stories that effectively illustrate his point and helped keep me focused throughout the book.  Olson has a great way of turning your view and helping you to better understand his prospective by using historical and simple life stories.  This is complimented by you participating in written assignments during the read, plus the overall genuine feeling he exudes as he walks you down the path to mastering the Slight Edge.  I now believe one can turn their dreams into reality by living with The Slight Edge.

I truly enjoyed The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson and found it to be very useful in the implementation of my marketing strategies.  His formula for success, “a few simple disciplines repeated every day,” is the cornerstone of my Marketing System and Internet Marketing Plan.

Blogging Tips to Increase Blog Traffic | Cory Alan

8 Smart Tips To Get Your Blog Read

We all know that Content Marketing or writing and posting articles can get you huge volumes of traffic with virtually no advertising budget.  But writing articles requires time and effort on your part to produce something of value for the reader.  The following blogging tips will help you provide content that either educates or motivates and helps your readers to improve their own marketing skills.  This is the best way to increase blog traffic.

But don’t waste your time and energy on writing articles that no one sees. The way you ensure your posting is viewed is in the marketing or promotion of your articles.  Some refer to this as “seeding.” I like to call it “promoting your content.”

It is important that you don’t overdo it or force the issue.  The more things that happen “organically” the longer they will positively effect ranking and over time increase blog traffic.  To get things started you will need a little extra effort, but if you are consistent traffic will grow and then you only need to maintain the exposure so that you continue to get exposure.  Remember blogging tips can help you reach your goal of having a consistent flow of quality prospects to your funnel system.  (MLM Lead System Pro – “Your Lead System”)

First, I will share blogging tips to consider and second, I will point out tools and strategies to increase blog traffic and get it seen by more people.

1.) Good Grammar: When writing you must make sure your content is well written with good grammar, punctuation, and of course proper spelling.  If needed, hire an editor to clean things up for you.  Depending on the kind of editing involved, editors may be expensive but having clean and well-written articles will help your site get the credibility that it needs.  Quality content not only will boost your search engine ranking, but will establish your site as a good place to get informed.  This will result in returning visitors.

2.) Grab Their Attention in the Title: When you entice someone and spur their curiosity you are already halfway to the finish line.  Without overselling a claim, you can be clever to swoon them in.  One way to work on this is to go online and look at article directories and see which ones catch your eye.

3.) Keep things short and concise: You want it to be easy to read, long paragraphs can make your article difficult to read. Keep each paragraph short. 3-5 sentences is plenty.  Sometimes I use a single sentence or even a couple of words to make my point.  A paragraph can be that short and direct.

4.) Make it welcoming to the eye: By using numbers, bullets, indentations, pictures, graphs and board framing you can make the article more interesting and hold the reader’s attention longer while being more effective in getting your point across or understood. A long running block of square matching paragraphs is boring!  No one likes that. Make sure that you have a visual representation to accompany the topic or sub-categories.  Without going overboard, this will make the article visually appealing to the site viewers.

5.) Use headings, subtitles, and photos: Placing sub-titles to grab readers’ attention will make it easy for the reader to move from one point to the next which keeps the transition smooth and easy.  It’s true, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”  Photos can help the reader visualize your message and intent.

6.) Keep their interest beginning to end: Your opening paragraph should include real life experiences that the reader can relate to. Use good descriptions and metaphors to make your point. Graphic examples make it easy for them to imagine what you are talking about. Make the reading experience pleasurable and enjoyable for them.

7.) Quote facts and figures when possible: When you include statics and specific facts to support your position, you add credibility to your articles and will be viewed as an expert or authority regarding your subject. Be careful not to make it too complex or formal so you maintain a light and easy read.

8.) Consult an expert in your field or topic: It is always a good idea to quote “the expert” in the field as a resource in your articles.  Quoting others will lend credibility and authority to your piece.  You can also consider hiring industry experts to write the articles themselves, or even better yet, interview them.  This can be a unique way to get great content while creating exposure and traffic for the interviewee and then perhaps no fee will be necessary.

As blogging and article marketing has become more of a tool to optimize ranking and get exposure, many now lack in content and are haphazardly done.  Too many are sacrificing quality for quantity.  This creates the opportunity for you to be a “breath of fresh air” supplying interesting and informative content that’s easy to read and understand. A blog written thoughtfully can quickly separate you from the crowd.  So whatever your level of skill might be, complement it by either hiring professionals to write for you, or just be a second set of eyes to edit your copy to insure its integrity.

Now, I would like to point out some tools and strategy tips to get your article seen by more people!

5 Smart Tips To Get Your Blog Seen

1.  Tweet: One of the quickest and most effective ways to get your link to a new blog post noticed and increase traffic is simply to tweet it. Tweeting a link is quick and easy to do – and your hope is that some of your followers will “re-tweet” it and expose it to even more than just your “follower base.”  Therefore, it is important that you not only give people a reason to click on your link (sell the article), but make your tweet re-tweetable.  Stay under 120 characters to leave space for followers to retweet.

2. Link to Facebook & LinkedIn: Status updates should go to all the social sites you are linked to. Some will even let you set up auto-connect.  When you announce your new post on Facebook it automatically tweets all of your followers.  You will find that different types of content will draw more or less traffic from different sites.  But all you need is someone that has a large number of Friends or Followers to pick up your blog and then in seconds it is exposed to people you had no access to!  You never know what impact sharing a link in these sites can have until you do it.  And there’s add-ins you can install to automatically link your new post to many other social sites.

3. Use Video to Promote your Article: Yes, a quick 30 to 40 second video promoting your article and then posting it on YouTube will not only draw traffic from one of the most visited sites on the Internet, but will also create another link back to your article on your blog.  This is great for the search engines.  After you have the video posted and linked you can use software to automatically post to as many as 35 other video sharing sites linking back to your original article to increase blog traffic.

4. Pitch it to another Blogger or Twitter User: Keep a list of other bloggers that have similar audiences.  When you produce something of real value and believe it will be helpful to their followers, shoot out a personal email offering them to post it.  This is the same approach used with Tweeters, that if the content is something they want to re-tweet and you have a readymade list of these people, you can send out a personal note asking them to take a look and share.  If the link is relevant to the Tweeter and the topic that you see them sharing on Twitter, then you might get a very welcome reception to your request.  And of course, you will want to reciprocate if they make you aware of helpful quality posts to share with your group.

5. Make it easy for people to share: Once you implement the ideas above, you should be receiving some traffic to your blog, now maximize that by making it easy for them to share with others.  The easiest way to do this is by the use of building social media buttons into your blog.  There are numerous plug-ins that will do this for you.  But I strongly recommend that you don’t overdo it!  A few simply placed buttons or options are helpful.  Too many just adds to the clutter and confusion of many sites I see.  Again, be a refreshing change or option to your reader while still creating blog traffic.

Last but not least:

A. Be consistent.  It is better to do a couple things well and consistently than to do a bunch of things haphazardly.  The “tortoise” will always beat the “hare” when it comes to traffic building, search engine optimization, and flow of quality prospects to your funnel marketing system. (MLM Lead System Pro)

B. Remember it’s all about relationships.  The more you connect with your readers and move them to “personal contact” the more they will trust you and want to follow your lead.  This is so important to the steady growth of your business and ultimately the relationships that will result in like-minded people asking to partner with you in your primary business. 
The use of a few simple blogging tips can significantly alter your traffic.  Let me share some of the best video training on everything from setup to execution of your blog.  Learn how to capture and monetize this increase blog traffic with the best funnel marketing system on the Internet.

Xyngular Review | Cory Alan

Xyngular, Network Marketing CompanyI received a call the other day from a gentleman that I have known for about 10 years.  He seems to have done well in the Network Marketing Industry and I have to commend him on the fact that he was making relatively “cold calls” on contacts that he had saved for over 6 years.  I had not heard from him during those 6 years until now.

 As I was sitting down to watch a movie, he rang and after a quick hello, he went immediately into this great new opportunity and why I must look at it. He described how the company is taking the industry by storm and that the “key” reason that he joined was that their infrastructure is in place to go global almost immediately.  He touched on the new “straight line” comp plan that helps everyone benefit from the gross volume of the company’s GLOBAL SALES!  This started to turn me off a bit, plus anything too good to be true usually is…

I agreed to take a closer look and after hanging up I realized that he never once asked how I was or what I was doing or if I was even in or out of the Network Marketing world. I chuckled at the irony of his call as I have been focusing on the art of “attraction marketing” and the benefits of building true relationships for the foundation of a successful home based business.  Again, laughing to myself, I knew that he must have not read up on this approach yet.


I did tell him that I would check it out.  This is what I found using the criteria I’ve adoptedfrom Daren Falter and his book “How to Select a Network Marketing Company”.

Xyngular is headquartered in American Fork, Utah, and was founded by former XanGo V.P. of Operations, Marc Walker.  Marc’s bio does include a 20-year history in the network marketing industry and most notably, heading up a multi-million dollar international entity (that wasn’t disclosed) and grew sales at a claimed amount of 75% in two years.  Xyngular is already available in the United States and Canada. The company also has deliveries to other countries in a NFR (not for resale) capacity.

The company launched on December 1, 2009.  I found claims from other affiliates stating that they had over 300 people join the company in its first month.  Xyngular has a goal of being released in as many as 36 countries in 2010. (Not sure if that is for resale or not.  If not, I don’t know how “global” that really is?)

The website claims they assembled a team of scientists to comb the world for the most powerful, nutrient dense fruits available.  And because a good fruit, no matter how good it is can only address certain health concerns, it needs to be combined with primary antioxidant pre-cursors and herbal adaptogens to increase its benefit.  Yes, another super juice with a retail price tag of $45.00 a bottle.  They guarantee you will feel a difference no matter what you are currently taking because the combination of the three groups of ingredients in one product causes a synergistic reaction that multiplies the effectiveness of each ingredient.  I’m not making this up; this is their claim.

XyngularI have always been reluctant to get too excited about a “Super Juice” even though we know companies like XanGo have had incredible success.  Many feel the surge for super juices is on the decline and in a challenged economy many are unsure about pushing a $34.95 wholesale bottle of anything.  Of course there is also the issue of pasteurization, which in almost 99% of the products we buy, is what we see on the label even if it’s no longer in the product when we consume it.  “Hot Fill” or pasteurization is known to kill or destroy as much as 40% of all the nutrients at the point of bottling, let alone what happens during its shelf live.

The one unique thing I did notice in this particular opportunity was the different compensation plan.  A plan that claims everyone in the company is helping you succeed.  This is because everyone that joins is put in a straight-line organization.  Even though if the plan were truly a straight line it would have issues with regulatory agencies.  However, with further investigation I learned that the straight line is restricted to the overall volume of the company through 12 Global Profit Pools and there are personal enrollment requirements keeping the plan legal.
This is the claim I see floating around the Internet:

“The most exciting part however is that everyone in the company is helping you to succeed. Think of how exciting it would be to sign up and instantly have volume show up under you. How exciting would it be for a new Distributor to sign up and instantly see people and volume under them? With Xyngular this is exactly what happens. Because we put everyone in a straight line Xyngular organization, those who signed in before you help you build your business.”

But what they don’t say is that you need to have close to 67 people in your organization that you have personally sponsored or were sponsored by someone you brought in and all 67 must buy one $35.00 bottle a month before you even start to share in the global volume.  Therefore, for most people the straight line will just be something they can look at in their back office and won’t really equate to earnings anytime soon.

It’s a catchy ideal that can sell and has maybe never been done before in just the same way.  The pitch goes like this: “The concept of people helping people worldwide succeed financially, no matter what organization they were enrolled in, and then sharing in the overall success of the company through 12 Global Profit Pools. What this means is that as the company grows globally, everyone profits!”

They also have a $100 quick start bonus and a rapid reward program that pays up to four levels on each case the new distributor purchased in their first month.  (To get all four levels you need to have purchased $396 in your first month and then be on a $320 monthly auto-ship.)  The initial payout is 42% through a conventional 8 level unit-level plan.  They pay another 12% through the Global Profit Pools, but remember you don’t participate in that until you have a monthly group volume of 2,000.  That equates to about 67 people you have personally sponsored or were sponsored by someone you brought in and everyone is buying one $35.00 bottle a month.  This makes the total payout appear to be 54%, which is a fair number in today’s Network Marketing Industry.

What they don’t focus on is that the Rapid Reward of $24 is per case, not bottle.  And to earn the bonus on more than just your first level you need to upgrade from one to four bottles a month.  And the biggest claim of the $100 fast start bonus is not unless you buy the case at $132 plus a nominal Membership fee of $20.  That’s not all, then you need to get FOUR more people to do the same thing and it has to be within the first FOUR weeks of you joining.  We know that most people will only sign up 1, 2 or 3 people ever, and the people that will get four or more general do not do it in the first 4 weeks.  So I see many new distributors getting discouraged quickly as they continue to get their auto-ship of $132.00 plus tax and shipping and don’t get paid the $100 fast start bonus.  Ouch!

So I wouldn’t be to concerned about how quickly they go global or not, first you have to be able to stay qualified for one level at $35 or as much as $264 a month to get all 8 levels of compensation and the first month bought at $396 to get your fast start bonus on 4 levels.
If this doesn’t sound confusing and a lot of requirements to capture pay, then you may not agree with me that it’s a recipe for high attrition rates.  If you like the product (Xyngular Super Global Juice) and you can honestly say that you would buy and consume it even if you were not involved in the business opportunity and you are willing to have an auto-ship for $35 to $132 a month for at least 6 months so that you can build an organization of anywhere from 12 to possibly 30 active distributors so that your residual earnings are enough to cover 1 bottle a month of your auto-ship – then dive right in!

What I would rather see you do is, if you have decided that Network Marketing is for you, first secure the talent or ability to attract quality prospects without going broke.  Why get yourself tied into some monthly auto-ship that may just start stacking up in your garage, when the key factor that will make you successful in ANY HOME BASED BUSINESS, is the ability to attract quality prospects.

What if you first focused on learning how to generate 10 leads a day, for whatever business you may want to build, before signing up to Xyngular?  Plus, while building your lead generation system you might just find a better place to direct your 10 leads a day.

As with Xyngular or any other network marketing company, be sure and empower yourself with knowledge and learn how to market yourself on the Internet first.  Be smart and get your horse out in front of your cart with an easy to use lead system for your network marketing company.

Jusuru Review – Cory Alan

Jusuru Bottle

I will not try to persuade you to join or not join Jusuru, nor will I try to sell you something else instead. What I will do is point out details about Jusuru and share valuable information that will help you to make that important decision on your own.

Network Marketing or the world of MLM is a great industry and has as many benefits as it does pitfalls. Joining any Network Marketing Company is an important decision that requires your careful consideration. You plan to invest your hard earned money, dedicate precious time, and put your reputation behind the company you represent. We know that most successful people stick with one company and don’t jump from one to another every time something new comes along. Therefore, take some time and make your decision wisely.

Founded in late 2009, by Asma Ishaq, Jusuru is based in Anaheim, California. Ishaq is the EVP of Biocell Technology LLC and a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley and Rice University. She is an active philanthropist and has arranged for a percentage of the Jusuru sales to be donated to non-profit organizations. The leadership team is referred to on the site, but not described in much detail. That is a concern from the start.

The product claim is that “Jusuru Life Blend” is a nutraceutical that is based on the science of their patented BioCell Collagen II that contains Collagen Type II, Chondroitin Sulfate and Hyaluronic Acid. It is believed to support joint and skin health. Along with Resveratrol the French Paradox for life extension, it also contains vitamins and minerals with essential fatty & amino acids. They claim that these ingredients are of the highest quality although you will not find any NSF certification on their product.

I have always been reluctant to get too excited about a “Super Juice” even though we know companies like XanGo have had incredible success. Many feel the surge for super juices is on the decline and in a challenged economy many are unsure about pushing a $40 bottle of anything. (I’m guesstimating $40 here because their site doesn’t disclose any retail information.) I did see that the initial sign up is $39.95 for a distributor kit, but no price on the product. Of course there is also the issue of pasteurization, which in almost 99% of the products we buy, is what we see on the label even if it’s no longer in the product when we consume it. “Hot Fill” or pasteurization is known to kill or destroy as much as 40% of all the nutrients at the point of bottling, let alone what happens during its shelf life.

Doing further research it appears Jusuru’s key ingredient, BioCell Collagen II, is used by a lot of other manufactures. These manufactures purchase it directly from their parent company BioCell Technology and then put their own label on it. This is my next concern as successful new companies usually have a “stand-alone” product exclusive to them. Unfortunately if other products are using the “key” ingredient, it no longer makes it a unique product.

The one unique thing I did notice in this particular opportunity was the different way they explain their compensation plan. Their claim is, “By sharing Jusuru Life Blend with your network, you’ll help others look and feel their best, all while earning a rewarding income. Multiple income streams enable a Jusuru Independent Representative to begin earning immediate income, while developing a long-term business that pays residual income as their organization grows.” What I see is a 7 level uni-level plan plus a matching bonus paid to higher-level leaders. The basic uni-level is where you participate in the first four levels while having a “Venture” status. This requires a minimum $140 monthly order and it pays out a total of 18% on the 4 levels, if you have personally sponsored 4 people which two of them have personally sponsored 2 each. In the MLM world, 80 to 90 percent of all affiliates will not even reach this point. Then it pays out a matching bonus in the “Endeavor Classification” which requires 5 personally sponsored people all buying product each month and two of which have sponsored at least 3 each. Confusing? This is just the first part of the compensation plan.

I’ve learn to look at what you have to pay each month, $140; and then see how many people it will take to at least break even. (This will give you a good idea if the plan will promote high levels of attrition – which you DON’T WANT!) It appears it would represent at least 20 people in your organization that are buying product every month – until you were making enough to at least cover your monthly auto-ship. (Excluding Fast Start)

Now they also have a Fast Start Bonus that pays you on all the orders your recruits place in the first 60 days. This bonus starts at 15% and builds to 20% after you are in the 3rd Venture Classification. Also, you can earn this for 3 levels and as high as 20/10/10 percent, after you become an Endeavor.

Most top Network Marketing Companies pay out a total of 40 to 55% of their wholesale price in commissions. A quick review of this plan appears to have only 18% going to the masses, and the rest of the monies are to the Leaders or people with organizations of more than 100 active people enrolled.

All of these details can be overwhelming to sift through and compare. Over the years I have learned to look for these key facts and I use How to Select a Network Marketing Company by Daren Falter, as my base staJusuru, top network marketing companiesndard.

To review, here are the four main things you should look for:

1)    Original “Stand Alone” product with a reasonable price point

2)   Management Team made up of Experienced Professionals
        – at least one having been a top distributor in prior company

3)   Is the Company Strong and over 3 years old?
       – remember most Network Marketing Companies fail in the first 2 

4)   Does the compensation plan provide a way for the masses to cover their product cost?

Jusuru doesn’t meet all the above criteria. But, if you like the product and feel it is helping your joints and skin, and you can honestly say that you would buy and consume it even if you were not involved in the business opportunity and you are willing to have an auto-ship for $140+ a month for at least 6 months to a year so that you can build an organization of 20 to possibly 30 active distributors so that your residual earnings are enough to cover 1 case a month of your auto-ship, then dive right in!

What I would rather see you do is, if you have decided that Network Marketing is for you, first secure the talent or ability to attract quality prospects without going broke. Why get yourself tied into some monthly auto-ship that may just start stacking up in your garage, when the key factor that will make you successful in ANY HOME BASED BUSINESS, is the ability to attract quality prospects.

What if you first focused on learning how to generate 10 leads a day, for whatever business you may want to build, before signing up to Jusuru? Plus, while building your lead generation system you might just find a better place to direct your 10 leads a day.

Whether or not you decide that Jusuru is for you, I wish you all the prosperity you desire. Get your “horse” out in front of your “cart,” learn what successful leaders in top network marketing companies do.

Twitter Marketing Strategy; To Tweet or Not – Cory Alan

Twitter Marketing StrategyI avoided Twitter, made fun of it and repeated stories I had heard from people I know loosing friends to “twittering”; they no longer could share a car ride, enjoy a meal or even simple conversation because their friend was so obsessed with the latest “tweet.”

When Twitter first became popular I shared this sentiment:

“What could be more annoying and less useful than a site where thousands of people are given 140 characters to shout out about what they’re doing at every moment of the day? The amazing thing is that enough people out there think this mindless stream of ephemera (“I’m eating a tangerine,” “I’m waiting for a plane,”  “I want a Big Mac”) is interesting enough to serve as the basis for a viable advertising platform.”

But after fellow marketers I respect reintroduced me to Twitter as a tool to complement their present strategies, I took notice and soon began to see the advantages of the “follower.”  I was hooked.

Here’s what I learned. Created in 2006, by Jack Dorsey, Twitter is a free online service that allows you to broadcast short messages (140-character limit) to your friends or “followers.”  You too can specify your own list of people you want to follow.  Many think of Twitter not so much as a social network, but as an information network.  It tells people what’s happening in the subjects they care about as it is happening in the world.

Twitter is an invaluable tool for any social marketing strategy and is one of today’s hottest new trends on the Internet.  Not sure if it’s for you?  Even Microsoft’s founder and the world’s richest man, Bill Gates, has a Twitter account.  You can start following him at @BillGates.  Oprah tweets, celebrity Ashton Kutcher even beat CNN’s breaking news feed and was the first Twitter account with one million followers.

Still, with its incredible popularity and growth, many in the marketing world continue to debate whether Twitter is a total time vacuum or a marketing tool you can’t live without.  I believe its value is based on how you chose to use it.

Personally, I’m not one to chatter with friends via texting or glued to current media events via my cell phone.  I still like the phone and of course emails.  But I have found that Twitter is an important part of my overall social marketing strategy.

Everyone uses Twitter differently.  So what’s the big deal; how should you be using Twitter in your marketing strategy?  For over a year now, many have claimed that Twitter is the #1 traffic builder for their blog.  I do see the spikes in traffic from cross-linking my posts to Twitter.

Twitter is an opt-in world, so if you don’t find someone’s tweets interesting, you simply stop following that person.  Originally, I used Twitter to have a following that shared a common interest about new articles I was posting on my blog concerning Internet Marketing.  Later, I found myself not only using it as another outlet for exposure, but also as a marketer it was useful to follow market leaders, competitors, bloggers, speakers, and authors in my niche.  It became a great way to follow people I found interesting and wanted to keep up with.  Twitter is like a cyber press release, but only from the people whose news you care about.

Keep in mind that although we are focused on business with promotion being the number one priority, Twitter is about give and take.  If you just use it to push your stuff, you’ll be zapped in a zano-tweet-second, translation- blocked for good.  Twitter is not about pushing content or your agenda, it’s about give and take.

Follow / Following / Unfollow

Many take the approach, “Anyone that won’t follow me, I’m not going to follow back.” 

Follow – Twitter is similar to your RSS.  Who you follow is basically who – or what information – you subscribe to.  Remember it’s an opt-in system.  If you’re using Twitter for marketing purposes then you want to follow the market leaders and the news sources in your niche.  Don’t worry whether they follow you back. Seriously.  The point of following is to get the news and updates that you prefer.  Period.

I use a “Tweet Adder” to build my base of contacts or “followers” that I think may be interested in my content.  I do unfollow people that have not accepted my invitation to follow me after three days.  I do this to keep my ratio fairly even.  The people I follow based solely on their content I am not concerned whether or not they follow me.Twitter Marketing Strategy

As I mentioned earlier, I seek people that may have an interest in what I’m doing.  Twitter tools, like “Tweet Adder”, give you the ability not only to follow specific people, but also to follow people interested in specific topics.  Tweet Adder offers specialized search tools that I use to build my list of followers.  These tools allow me to capture people tweeting about my specific topics and keywords.  Note, when building a list use keywords similar to what you would use on a capture page including your competitor’s name.

Following – I don’t spend much time checking to see who is following me.  In fact, I turned off email notifications because I found it pointless and didn’t need more spam to clear out each day.  Your focus should be on building a very specific following, not on who is following you.  Unless you notice that you are attracting the “wrong people” in which case, rethink your search words.

You want to regard “building your following” as you would “building your leads list.”

Unfollow – Some people will unfollow anyone that won’t follow them, or who unfollows them.

You should unfollow anyone you no longer want to follow.  It’s not rude, if that person is consistently off topic to what attracted you to them in the beginning, you should set them free!  As I said earlier, the followers I request to join me using the adding software, I do unfollow after a few days if they don’t accept my request.  This is a completely different group than the people I choose to follow based on their content that attracted me.

These are just a few ways to utilize Twitter.  As you integrate this tool into your social marketing strategy you will learn more tactics to maximize Twitter World.

Twitter Marketing Strategy

Make sure you have a Twitter Marketing Strategy.  Keep it simple, and tweet consistently.  If you don’t have a specific goal or strategy, Twitter will surely become a “time vacuum” for you.

Initially I only used Twitter as a way to increase exposure for my other strategies.  Then I realized I could also build a following of like-minded people that would find value in my information.  Every time I announce on Facebook that I have posted new content on my blog, a tweet is automatically sent to my followers using a plug-in I installed.  Then everyone that is following me can view my new posting and even better, if they like what they see, they may re-tweet and share the information with all their followers.  You can see how this can maximize your exposure! Here’s an important tip, be sure to keep your tweet to 120 characters or less for easy re-tweeting.  As tweets are re-tweeted they pick up characters.

“Be sure you are always providing new content that has value.  You want your followers to be loyal and to have interest in what you are sharing.  That is why you need to define your target market and your offers, and create a strong message-to-market match.”

Keep an eye on your followers and their mindset. Figure out why they chose to follow you, and make sure your updates, topics, products, website or blog continues to deliver on that attraction.  If they did follow you specifically for those reasons, and you don’t deliver, then you are letting them down.  And we know that means a “unfollow click” is coming.

Building a following on Twitter should be viewed much the same as building a lead list. You definitely want to provide quality over quantity with your Twitter marketing strategy.  The more focused your topic and readership, the more productive you will be – and the higher your click-through and conversion rates will be.

Marketing is not spam. Sharing resources and links is not spam.  As long as you respect your followers and continue to provide them with “real value” information they desire, you are providing a service.  Not Spam.  Just remember to ask yourself this about your social marketing strategy, “Why are people following me and am I delivering what they seek?”

Your Twitter marketing goal should be to tweet useful information that is of specific interest to your followers.  Twitter is a place where you can be more personable and even more intimate, but you want to maintain your professional character and your integrity at all times.

Remember that Attraction Marketing is the “Key” and that you want to build Relationships.

ENGAGE your followers.

In addition to staying current on news, information and conversations in your niche, and increasing your viewership and traffic, Twitter is a great way to engage your target market in productive relationship building conversations.

Here are just a few ideas that I’ve seen work incredibly well for my social marketing strategy:

Host a contest on Twitter.  For examples, search “Twitter contest” at Google.

Encourage your followers to ‘tweet you’ questions, favorite links, resources, and tips or personal experiences about your topic.  Using your content blog is a great way to craft new and interesting posts. Use Twitter to really engage your target market in conversations about your industry.  What do they need, what do they love, what really frustrates them?

Compile the feedback and share it in a post. Once published, thank your followers and give them the link to check out the results.  Not only will you be making connections with your prospects, they will appreciate your genuine interest and you will be able to gain valuable insight that will help you tailor your Twitter marketing strategy to better serve them.

There are so many more good reasons to create a social marketing strategy, than to not.  Start building your group of targeted followers with your own Twitter marketing strategy now.

Network Marketing Training, is Duplicating the key?

Network Marketing Training | Cory Alan


Have you heard and been convinced that the best way to succeed in your Network Marketing business is to duplicate a product, system or approach throughout your organization?

Did you know that 99% of the people in the network marketing industry never achieve a full-time income?  Maybe duplicating “that” is not what you should be looking for. Wouldn’t it be great if we could just become a magnetic force that attracts success?

If you’re not satisfied with your results, maybe the answer is making a complete 180-degree change.  Not just a change in your system, but also a change in the way you think about it. This happened to me. I was so focused on finding a “better lead source”, making hundreds of calls to genealogy lists, offering product samples, then having to follow up all the while continuing to look for more systems to help me chase more people to sell more and so on.  I was so absorbed in chasing leads that I was unable to even consider another way to achieve my goals.

Is this “rat race” really what the successful Networkers are doing day in and day out?  Doesn’t seem that way. They have people flocking to them and joining their businesses. I know they’ve put in long hours and made sacrifices, but they appear to be distributor magnets. How did they become that way?

If they can do it…so can I

I had heard about an approach where you get people to pursue you.  Imagine that!  What I didn’t realize at first was that I was going to have to change the way I thought about my business before I would experience the same.

It wasn’t until I was at a low point with no motivation and stuck with an organization of people seemingly not doing much of anything when I picked up and read “Magnetic Sponsoring,” by Mike Dillard.  When I actually sat down and read his training course it all became very clear to me.

I needed to make a complete turn around in the way I prospected.  I had to stop thinking that the answer was buying more leads and hounding people; and instead use the same energy, time, and money to learn how to become more attractive.  And I’m not talking new hairstyle. How can I have people chase me and join my opportunity?

You will learn that people have a subconscious attraction to people that have what they want. People hate to be sold on, but love to buy. You need to have what people want and they will naturally be attracted to you.
The more valuable you become to others, the more they will seek you out.  This is the secret!

And here’s the best part that I discovered when I first started, you don’t need to be an expert or guru, just know a bit more than they do and you’re instantly in a position of power, value and attraction.  As you continue to gain more value and knowledge to share with your followers or prospects, you may just one day realize that you, too, are the “expert” or “guru”!
Mike helped me to better understand this philosophy when he used this quote from Perry Marshall the expert in Pay-for-Click marketing strategies,

“Nobody who bought a drill actually wanted a drill. They wanted a hole.  Therefore, if you want to sell drills, you should advertise information about making holes – NOT information about drills!”
So, if you’re unhappy with your results so far, love the idea of people chasing you, spending most of your time helping people that really want it, and becoming the Successful Leader that attracts a following, I strongly recommend you open your mind and get your hands on a copy of Magnetic Sponsoring, by Mike Dillard.

He will lay out the secrets of Attraction Marketing Psychology, lead you through the marketing training step-by-step and show you ways to become a Leader that people seek, teach you how to position yourself as an expert, and help you to attract the best prospects. This way you only spend time offering your product to people who are already inclined to purchase it!

Because this great course and philosophy has done wonders in re-directing my whole outlook and approach, I strongly urge you to make Magnetic Sponsoring your FIRST STEP. Not only is it the best $39 I have spent on education, but after accepting Dillard’s approach, you too will never write an email, answer someone’s question on the phone, or for that matter do much of anything the way you use to.  Therefore, before you spend too much time marketing your product or even yourself, get informed.

Learn how just a simple change in attitude can dramatically alter your results with Magnetic Sponsoring.  This new dynamic approach will complement a powerful system that will help your organization with network marketing training. Watch your business explode!

Find a New Job, Not Find a New Job

The Business School for People Whol Like Helping People


More people are thinking about finding a new job than ever before. I believe with today’s economic climate and uncertain future, most quickly put the idea on hold feeling fortunate just to be employed and not a statistic in the rising unemployment rate. A fear many people act on allowing it to paralyze them and keep change at bay.


While many people are choosing to “stay put” in their old jobs, it doesn’t lessen the truth that many are still needing to find a second job to make ends meet.  Some people are seeking more work to supplement their income, overcome employment fears, and replace the lost security suffered when retirement accounts diminished in 2009.

When we start to feel the financial pinch our first thought, or only thought, is that we need to get a new job.   But is this really the best answer and only choice?  If we truly want things to change, maybe not.

Have you ever found yourself saying, “I wish I could quit my Job,” or “I’m tired of going from job to job,” or even, “I can’t keep working this hard, I’m getting too old for this.”  Well, you’re not the only one muttering these words.

What if we need a change of Quadrants, not a change of jobs? What is a Quadrant?  A well known writer, Robert T. Kiyosaki, came up with that phrase and defines it in his Rich Dad series, “CASHFLOW Quadrant.”

CASHFLOW Quadrants are used to describe and illustrate four different categories people fall into with reference to their income or the way they make a living.

E Employee, a person that receives their income from a job with a regular paycheck from a company or business that they do not own.  This is the E quadrant.

S Self-Employed, also includes a small business owner.  If you are a small business owner, a specialist such as a doctor or lawyer, or a commissioned sales person like a Real Estate Agent or Stock Broker you are part of the S quadrant.

B Business Owner, which would also be someone that is self-employed but who owns a business that employs over 500 people.  Even if you don’t work at the company, but you own it, you are in the B quadrant.

I Investor, this person receives the bulk of their money from personal investments.  As an investor you fall into the I quadrant.

An interesting fact about these Quadrants is that people within the same group usually share core values.  The people in the S quadrant share a value of independence and having the freedom to do what they want.  They are usually hard-working people such as insurance brokers, real estate agents as well as educated professionals such as doctors, lawyers and accountants who do not belong to a large medical, legal or accounting firm.  An “S” is often paid by commission or by the amount of time they spend on the job

B Quadrant people may share different values.  Many look to the leaders in their field and work on their behalf. “B’s” don’t usually have the “John Wayne Approach” of business wanting to do all the work themselves and tend to be flexible.  Great B examples are Thomas Edison, founder of General Electric; Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motor Company; and Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, all are examples of exceptional B’s.

Differences between S and B quadrants can also be found in the way people are paid.  Usually a B quadrant person can leave his or her business and still get paid.  In most cases, if an S quadrant person stops working, they also stop earning.

The last or fourth quadrant, I, represents people that value financial freedom.  They love the idea of their money working instead of themselves.  Doesn’t matter what industry they’re in, it could be real estate income property, stocks, bonds or even gold coins.  Whatever it is, including a business they own as an investment, earns money or grows in value without them having to “work” or tend to management on a regular basis.

So now that you know about the Quadrants, I will ask you again.  Do you think that you need to find a new job to make things better?  Or do you think the answer may be in a Change of Quadrants?

There is a great book that I found through a friend of mine, Corey Citron.  An incredible Network Marketer, Corey is a founder of a new and dynamic company called Yoli.  Over lunch he recommended that I read Robert T. Kiyosaki’s book, The Business School For People Who Like Helping People, an easy 120 page read, that will help you realize if Network Marketing or building a MLM Business is right for you.

Personally, I enjoyed the book so much and have read it several times, that now I send a copy with an encouraging statement written on the inside cover to every new affiliate that joins my Primary Business.

“Work full time at your job for a living, while you work part-time with a Network Marketing Business to build your Fortune” – Jim Rohn (paraphrased) 

To discover and better understand the world of Network Marketing and how it can help you change your present Quadrant into the one you desire – I strongly recommend you order a copy of Robert T. Kiyosaki’s book, The Business School For People Who Like Helping People.

Before you begin the grueling process to find a new job, order a copy of Mr. Kiyosaki’s book and learn about the Network Marketing (MLM) Industry.  Find the best ways to market yourself online and start your work from home business today.