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 Build Lasting Commitment

What factors determine if a particular network marketing venture will last?  It goes beyond just the first glance of the Product, Company, and Compensation Plan.  The commitment that the people within your group show will be based greatly on the personal relationship they have with you.  No matter how good the product, which is only the foundation, the success rests on your shoulders to create.

In turn the Product, Company and Compensation Plan can have a great impact on that level of commitment.  This is because they are mimicking what they see in you.  If you are not fully committed to what you are involved in, it will show through in your daily behavior and speech.  Your followers will pick up on your tone and act based on that “feeling”.  So how do you get that golden level of commitment? It starts with the process by which you choose your company or opportunity.

This is a complete subject on its own, worth the time invested and key to your mlm training.  Your level of commitment is a reflection of your level of belief.  Therefore the stronger your belief in your opportunity the more likely you will attract and nurture a lasting commitment from your organization.  One way to acquire that rock solid belief is to learn the proper way to select the right company.  I use the principles that are spelled out in “How to Select a Network Marketing Company,” by Daren Falter.

We generally think of trust, integrity, friendly welcoming personality, and a commitment to fun, support, education and training to be what cultivates a Culture of Commitment in an organization.

But there is one trait that weighs in more, and has more direct impact on your group’s level of lasting stability and “sticking-in-there” — your commitment.  Your unshakable living, breathing, rock-solid clarity that YOU ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE.  I find it easy to express my commitment even when others approach me with the “latest-and-greatest” opportunity because I have made a promise to my group and personally vowed to support them as they build their own “home-based business.” I can’t switch to some other opportunity, because I am not willing to go back on my word. This is the core of my business philosophy at Cory Alan.

Not only is this an easy way to get a solicitor to back down, but if it is the truth – it will be the foundation of your mlm training to attract, cultivate, and maintain a strong organization and Build Lasting Commitment in others.

No matter how energetic or confident people are with the start of a new opportunity, your best mlm training will teach you their ability to last and commit will at best be a reflection of your’s.  Many say that your success is fully contingent upon the success of those you sponsor, so always be acquiring valuable skills to share.  Get the system that teaches you how to attract prospects and provides you with skill-sets for your own ongoing network marketing training.

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