Allure of Network Marketing – Anyone Can Do It!

One of the most attractive traits of the Network Marketing Industry is our allure.  The great Allure of Network Marketing and owning a Home Based Business is often the fact that any ordinary person can do it.  That it offers an even playing field no matter where you come from, what skills you have or lack, that if your “dream” is strong enough – yes YOU an ordinary person — can reap wealth and success.

Many of the leaders you see in the Industry, even on stage, appear to be just like you and I.  Are they truly just ordinary people, or is there something they aren’t telling us?  The effectiveness of the “rags-to-riches” story they tell is magnified best if they are seen by their potential followers as just an ordinary guy that after finding this great opportunity, his life transforms to one of opulence, power, prestige and a lot of money. 

Critics will justify their stories by saying, “They were in the right place at the right time,” or they “just got lucky.” This is not true.

What I believe to be true is that luck was not part of the equation.  Timing may have made the road traveled slightly easier at the time, but this is all very hard to detect by the time you see them up on stage as a Leader sharing their journey to wealth.

The myth that ordinary people accomplish extraordinary things in this industry may not to be the complete story either.  I believe that ordinary people find this industry and something inspiring happens. 

The Allure of Network Marketing can be fueled by the desire to change one’s life, to escape a world of debt, or to finally realize the admiration of others and silence the long-instilled voices of self-doubt — something happens — then they partner with a person they admire, get invaluable mlm training, and join an organization that makes them feel like they belong.  See, after one believes success is possible, then all that is required is the determination to stick it out, allowing the miracle to happen before you leave the room. 

So do ordinary people accomplish extraordinary success in Network Marketing? 

Think not.

What is more accurate, is that ordinary people discover Network Marketing and stop holding themselves back and allow the exceptional person within to come out.  And that exceptional person, in all of us – accomplishes extraordinary feats in the industry.   

Allow yourself the opportunity to put your prior beliefs behind and use the Allure of Network Marketing to transform yourself into the exceptional person you truly are.  This journey is best served by placing yourself in an environment of meeting people on the same path and a system to support your mlm training to acquire and nurture your Leadership potential.

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